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Something extremely terrible happened. I can never forgive myself, not in this lifetime or the next. It almost got me to tears, it's unbearable. I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 2009 with my uncle. Right there I knew, I had witnessed something not of this world, it was incredible. My age played an important role of not being able to comprehend it. I was still amazed at it's greatness.

After 5 years, I came across that phenomenon once again. I studied it, saw it again and again. It became an example for me- "Mankind can achieve wonders". Now, When I'm entirely capable to give meaning to all the things that surrounds me. There was this article that completely destroyed what all that had defined it. I spent all my precious time deciphering this great achievement, the movie that is. And here is this website that completely demolishes my interpretation.

It's supports it's case with crucial evidence. It was right but it made mine useless. The article decodes the meaning of the film and in it's hands is the original script. Kubrick deliberately choose not to explain that but allows the audiences to do it for themselves. Now, this site explains that and didn't even seemed to care about it. With that I was completely heart broken. I had forgotten my own thoughts of how had I felt about it.

Now, There is simply no meaning to it. I had forgotten my own explanations to define it. Never (in your entire fucking life) let anyone to define what you really stand for. What I had thought was fucking genius and that site fucking brought it all down to hell. Sometimes? People will tell you that you are wrong, and maybe you are? But just don't blindly accept it. Now, you might call it "Self-Fish", "Ignorant Bastard" or even "Schizophrenic".

I call it- "We are all entitled to our own interpretation". Even if you are wrong, never forget why you were right in the first place. Don't let this world define how you think. Know what is real and what is not. But don't allow the 'Real' to abolish your own 'Reality'. We all are what choose to be. Are you sure you want the world to make decisions for yourself?


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