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Baldwin Collins

I for one, really hope so. being a boxing fan for years you can imagine seeing the legendary former heavy weight world champion mike tyson's life in a biopic on the silver screen, awesome. academy award winner jamie foxx is no stranger to boipic's, after giving wonderful performance as r/b legend the late ray charles in the movie 'ray'. foxx has pitched the project to paramount studios, However i like his choice of film director martin scorsese who directed robert de nero in ''raging bull ' (1980) thirty five years ago, a movie at the time, received mixed reviews and criticism for it's violent content. today it's has a high reputation as being one of the greatest american films ever made, Which when you think of it, thats why it make sense hiring scorsese to direct the tyson biopic. many fans out there like myself would want to know when will the camera's start rolling ?


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