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Recently, I saw a little movie called Dil Dhadakne Do with my parents. Of course I knew those 3 hours are going to be the same old Ekta Kapoor's Formula of a TV Show on an adrenaline budget. Guess what? That is exactly what happened, I was looking for my Ipod the entire time but I forgot I fucking lost it during the screening of another slightly better but mediocre movie 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns'.

Well, at least I ended up enjoying that Aamir Khan's voiced character (Experienced actor, took the best role in the film. Clever Bastard). To some extent I liked that pissed off husband of Priyanka Chopra and his mother- I remembered watching him in Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (That Cricket Orphanage Kid Movie, God! I need to see that again) Dude's got acting chops, He is nothing like his character in real life. I just loved what a dick he was and I'm pretty sure that he was the only one having a jolly good time while filming the movie.

Anyways where was I? Yes, WHY THE RATING SYSTEM IS FUCKING USELESS! See, it's not the British Raj anymore nor we live in North Korea. People have rights and they are entitled to their own opinions. Not everyone can enjoy watching an Ekta Kapoor inspired, not so really original movie. The only reason my parents wanted to see that movie is because of THE FUCKING RATING THEY SAW IN A FUCKING NEWSPAPER!

Here is the deal, It is no surprise to anyone that our media is influenced by certain generosities by various companies or political parties. Hence, somewhat the media can't have total freedom over their reporting or something. (IT IS FUCKING CORRUPT) But from time to time, they are kind enough to allow some reporters to express freely. Noticed, when you are reading a review, there are separate ratings for certain elements of the film. eg- Story, Direction, Music etc. And then comes this line- 'The rating given to this film is not an average of the above given ratings.' You know what that feels like to the person who is reviewing the film? It's like making love to a woman who you truly love but turns out she is already married to somebody else- A gigantic dick. And that feels FUCKING TERRIBLE!

People must have the freedom to choose their own genre which they truly love and respect. And no rating can change that. Not everybody loves Batman: The Dark Knight or 2001: A Space Odyssey, they might prefer something else- Ghost Rider or Armageddon. A person can choose to give their own ratings- 2stars to the above and 4stars to the latter. Now, that doesn't mean TDK and 2001 are the worst films ever, nor does that mean that GR and Armageddon are masterpieces (or Michael Bay Masturbating To Explosions, as I would like to call it). The only way to describe a movie is by FUCKING WRITING- what's it all about? and who would like it? And it's time for people to FUCKING READ IT.

When I saw some of the DDD reviews, Nobody mentioned anything special or new about it, They even mentioned some of the weak points of the movie- At a certain part the movie completely loses the audiences interests. Still- It receives a 4 FUCKING STARS!

So, it all comes to you just like everything, this is all up to you- The People. What do you want? Would you still liked to be lied too? Or you want to do something about it? You choose, spread the word out. ‪#‎RatingsAreFuckingUseless‬


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