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I've watched over a thousand movies and TV shows. Just want to share my knowledge
Nakita Kinsman

Have you ever wonder what happens to the people after the movie, i mean i spend time thing over in my head how i horror films they ever explained what has happened? I may just have too much time on my hands and watch too many films but i also wonder what happens leading up to the events that happen in the film. It also happens in TV shows too, such as supernatural i mean how do they explained the unexplained deaths that follow the around. Also what happens to all of the people that die in the process, such as the action films like man of steel. it only shows you what happens to the main cast, like what happens to all of the normal people that perish on the day of the "big battle". this also happens in movies like transformers and the avengers. i mean does anyone pay for their funerals or is it left to the families to pay for even tough it was them that killed them. And is there any payout for them like what if they have like life threating injuries do they get any of their medical care paid for them. you know just a thought. Leave a comment to say what you think :P


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