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Nathaniel Rego

In 1965, when Disneyland entirely opened to the public in California, even its own attractions including the famed Haunted Mansion, which was adapted into a humorous but scary motion picture starring Eddy Murphy of the same name as of 2003. Like on the ride at Disney parks worldwide, the film involved more than 999 happy haunts, from ghosts to singing busts to zombies. Last year, Disney had confirmed they're in current development of a remake by G Del Toro (director of Pacific Rim and Pans Labyrinth), starring The Rock (San Andreas, Fast 7, and Hercules).

The Rock plays a buff father who goes with his family to a deserted mansion infested with 999+ happy haunts, some that are less happy. The mansion is infected by a curse that's been wrought upon it since the eighteenth century. He and his family will take on zombies, evil ghosts, etc, while allying themselves with heroic spirits including the iconic Madame Leota a dis embodied head in a glass ball.

The new Haunted Mansion film will be in theaters soon. Plus in 3D mainly.


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