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There were plenty of Easter eggs in Jurassic World that called back to the original Jurassic Park movie. They were a big reason why it went bonkers in the box office all the way to the tune of $208.8 million domestically. There's one, though, that even the most avid fan may have missed...

You may have remembered this blood dropping scene from Jurassic World if you saw it in theaters this past weekend:

The blood drip... the first time that it lands, it goes right. Then the second drop of blood goes left. This is very low-key and you still might not have caught the call-back at first. In fact, you might even be asking, "so what?"

Well, remember this scene from the original Jurassic Park?

The one where Malcolm explains chaos theory using a drop of water on the back of a hand...

Same hand, same water... yet the drip travels in a different direction.


The 'chaos theory,' or the 'butterfly effect,' is still alive and well in Jurassic World. Jeff Goldblum explained it so well, and did so in a scientifically humorous fashion. Basically, given blood vessels and things that occur naturally in our bodies and in the universe, nothing is absolutely certain.

There can be immeasurable aspects to something that changes what you would expect to happen. The water is the example he uses in his witty dialogue and they paid tribute to the scene with blood replacing water in Jurassic World. I love how much effort they put into these Easter eggs.

That's a next-level reference right there.


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