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Iron Man to the end
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Guys MCU wouldn't be what we come to know and love, without these heroes who are just as iconic as Stan Lee himself. Right here we go!

#5 ) HULK:

This lovable green guy makes MCU great simply because with loads of tv, films and merchandise behind him he also prove that science is cool and enjoyable. But more importantly the big guy can be related to everyday life, for example bullying and just want to accepted.


The first Avenger who symbolise hope and power the Americans hold dear, the world first superhero who paved the way for future heroes but is respected never the lest though. He show great leadership and motivation that makes him who also fight for justice and a fare world, he the hero we all need.


The friendly neighbourhood hero is a great creation of Stan Lee and represents teens desire to be a hero and get the girls, he have really brilliant one-liners and can easily wind up his foes. Overall Peter Partker/Spiderman is a cool hero with a good heart but sometimes childish does get the job done though!


This bad ass antihero with no nonsense attitude makes him a hero to be feared, his childhood is a mystery but grow up to be a dark hero. He remind fans that MCU isn't all just laugh and light-hearted, with his sometimes dark humour and his ability to turn potential friends away from him. However this icon does have a heart behind his anger and isn't afraid to fight for the safety of those he cares about.

#1 ) IRON MAN:

And finally we reach the face of MCU, Tony Stark/Iron Man has undoubtedly capture our hearts with his witty humour, views on the world and his billionaire bachelor attitude. Perhaps the most realistic hero on the list and predicting the advancements we'll make on technology in the future, this self built hero makes MCU great due to his ability to surpass expectations and put a smile on our faces.

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