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His name is Futuristic. And here's 5 reasons you should listen to him:

1. He has an amazing flow and he can actually rap better than most mainstream rappers. He kinda has that Eminem flow. Maybe a bit of Hopsin. In one of his music videos, he explains why it's too easy to rap.

2. He is from my homestate of Arizona, which is pretty amazing. His homecity is Tempe, which is close to where I live, (which is Phoenix).

3. He is only about 21 and already has a huge amount of followers. He used to go to ASU and I've gone there for some programs, but damn.

4. He is short, but stands tall when it comes to lyrically murdering other rappers. Seriously, he's like 5'5'' I believe. Correct me on this if you'd like... (BTW, That's him in the glasses!!)

5. Because he's The MuhhFuckin Greatest!!!!! Seriously! He has a dope flow, sick rhymes, and even has some inspirational raps. And will he take your BS? No Way!!!!

The Music video is here:
The Music video is here:
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This video is found here:

But yeah. The choice is all up to you. Now, thank you for reading and have a wonderful and blessed day! See ya later pals! Peace :) <3


Will you listen to Futuristic or nah? Feel free to post your comments!


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