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Judge Minion

Marvel Civil War

Sony and Marvel are having a battle of their own.

Captain America: Civil War is holding on whoever is gonna be next Spiderman.

It is down to Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer for the role.

So it really is who side are you own.

Marvel wants Charlie Plummer and Tom Holland have Sony backing him.

Thank God No Taylor Lautner!!!

Rumor has it Holland is in the ATL (Atlanta for the uninitiated) where Capt. America 3 is shooting, so he is in the Ready Go Phase.

Overall Marvel and Sony have to agree on somebody who can work in both Franchises with ease. It is never hard to agree when you are managing Billion Dollar Franchises.

This deal could be more on Marvel’s Overall Game Plan. If Marvel can work a decent deal it may break way for bringing X-Men, Fantastic 4 and even a solo Hulk Movie.

If this works what is to stop Universal from working with Marvel?


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