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Move over, Coppertone girl! Owen and his Raptor Squad are the "it" crew and they're here to dominate, or should I use Kim's phrase "break the internet?"

The Raptors were the coolest part of Jurassic World, and it's not surprising that creative and imaginative fans took to their pens, papers, computers, and so forth to create some really badass and sweet fan art of them.

If you think dinosaurs were scary, think again!

1. Raptors: Age of InGen

[Source: Apolar]

2. Cuddle Time with Alpha

[Source: imgur]

3. Coochie Coochie Coo

[Source: imgur]

4. Badass Biker Raptors

[Source: imgur]

5. Rapture Raptors

[Source: Pinterest]

6. A Little Dinosaur Snooze

[Source: PhantomPhoenix4]

7. Story Time with Daddy

[Source: tumblr]

8. The Epitome of Cool

[Source: atachi00]

9. Serious in Black and White

[Source: deviant art]

10. Bedtime Story

[Source: Raptor Dash]

11. True Dino Love

[Source: tumblr]

12. Oopsie!

[Source: Fashionably Geek]

13. Pure Squad Power

[Source: TeeFury]

I have always had a fascination with dinosaurs, ever since I was five-years-old and learned about them in Kindergarten. I do, however, have to say that I am a tad bit relieved that they are extinct, as I really wouldn't want to get eaten.

These images might be making me reconsider my stance on that, though. Raptors can be pretty damn cute, right?


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