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1. Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)

One of the most anticipated spin-off series of The Walking Dead. The show will focus on the very early days of the zombie apocalypse that started this all. However, this show will not tell us what caused this outbreak. The cast includes Gone Girl alumnus Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis (seen in Die Hard 4.0, Training Day and Three Kings). The show will begin somewhere in Autumn and a second season is expected for next year.

2. Supergirl (CBS)

Supergirl. One of the less popular superheroes of DC. This show will focus on Superman's cousin and her adventures as a superhero. Within the show, Superman exists and will follow Kara Zor-El's beginning as a superhero placing her cousin as a sort of role model. Many of you may have already seen the leaked pilot and without doubt, this show will be as successful as Arrow and the Flash.

3. DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

The spinoff of a spinoff. Legends of Tomorrow. This series will not focus as much on Green Arrow and the Flash but will focus on a whole other team as superheroes and villains come together to fight Vandal Savage. This series will focus greatly on time travel and will involve the likes of RIP Hunter, Hawkgirl, White Canary, Dr. Stein, ATOM, Captain Cold, and Heatwave. This is the show that will definitely prove to be amazing.

4. Krypton (Syfy)

This Superman-based story will not follow Superman. This is a prequel to everything that happened on Krypton. This show will most likely be a show that focuses on the beginning of a few major villains as Gotham had been doing in it's first season. It will take place directly on Krypton and is a SyFy series.

5. Lucifer (Fox)

Lucifer is a show that has sparked a lot of controversies. This show will focus on Lucifer, King of Hell, himself, coming to live in Los Angeles. There, he'll start helping to solve local crimes. It certainly seems like an interesting premise and will hopefully be a show like Constantine. Tom Ellis will play the title role of Lucifer.

6. Dreadstar (UPC)

Dreadstar, a much lesser known superhero in Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel. Dreadstar is a sword-wielding immortal with super strength whose forays in space opera often involve a cyborg sorcerer called Syzygy Darklock and an ancient war between two sprawling evil empires. Not much is known about this show but will definitely be crazy based upon his description.

7. A.K.A. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Marvel's Daredevil has already proven to be major hit on Netflix and has been gaining widespread popularity. With another Marvel series like A.K.A Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix will, indeed, make huge profits. This show focuses Jessica Jones who, a former superhero, becomes a detective. She, however, does go on to marry Luke Cage and may set the basis for Luke Cage's own Netflix show which is set to debut after this show.

8. Luke Cage (Netflix)

Another Marvel/Netflix production, Luke Cage. In this series, Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage. Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, is an ex-con who becomes a total bad-ass and goes on to join the Defenders. The exact title of this show isn't known but the show itself can be expected to be AWESOME.

9. Iron Fist (Netflix)

Yet another Marvel/Netflix production. Iron Fist will most likely be the most popular and will lead into Marvel and Netflix's next show, the Defenders. Iron Fist is a martial artist who uses the mystical ‘iron fist’ force to summon and control his chi. We have already seen his nemesis' logo on the drugs smuggled in the first season of Daredevil. His nemesis, the Steel Serpent.

And Finally...

10. Defenders (Netflix)

All of Netflix/Marvel's standalone superhero shows will lead up to the "BIG ONE": The Defenders. This show will bring all these superheroes together and will, undoubtedly, be one of the best Marvel shows on TV. This crossover event will bring together the stars of Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, as well as the casts of the Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows. However, this show will arrive on our screens many years from now as it will take place many years later after Daredevil and will need something to connect each show to one another.


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