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Nakita Kinsman

This film is one on the many movies that I have watched on the free app on my Iphone called movie box. This isn't the kind of film that I normally watch but since it has one of my favourite actors in (Robbie Amell) and it just looked like a good movie.

the beginning of the film is quite unique, and it is a very modern film which maybe why it has a low IMDB rating as it doesn't appeal to those that aren't up-to date with the new age. Thought out the film I though that the direction in which the film is going isn't where I would have liked it to go, however at the end of the movie my doubts were swept away. I thought that it was going to end like those other movies that the girl changes their self to be like the popular girls at school, but in this film it was different she learn that being the DUFF isn't a bad thing and there isn't anything that would change that. It's more a story of acceptance that it is a coming of age drama.

It is also nice to see a film that doesn't tell you to be something that you aren't and is just a funny and decent film all round and I would defiantly recommend this film if you are looking for a good,funny and non prejudicing film.


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