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There's so much to learn about the gigantic Marvel universe that's sadly coming to an end; but there's even more unknown facts that most people have possibly never even heard of before. Here's the thing, fans focus so much more on the most important points they hear, when it comes to popular icons in Marvel; like origins, first appearances, powers, major important story-lines, sidekicks, and popular teams. There's so many other crazy, and insane facts about how superhero's have their powers, crazy stories, and just random awesome stuff in the Marvel world that fans might not know!

1). That's a bad Rocket!

Fact 1: One of the Guardians of The Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon has of course accumulated over fifty charges of vehicular theft. Just to let you know, he's escaped every single one of them!

Fact 2: In his early life Rocket grew up in an insane asylum and eventually fell in love with a space otter, which actually has a problem of getting kidnapped most of the time.

Fact 3: The creators of 'Rocket Raccoon' were inspired by the famous classic Beatle's song "Rocky Raccoon" which was released back in 1968.

You can listen to the song right here!

2). Next time, look twice Ghost Rider!

Fact 1: One time, Ghost Rider fought the mystical Doctor Strange because he thought that he was Lucifer in disguise. He ended up killing him; after finding out it was Doctor Strange all along, Ghost Rider tried to resurrect him to no avail.

Fact 2: Ghost Rider is known to have five different alter egos, the most popular one is the western comics character Johnny Blaze.

Fact 3: When Johnny Blaze would transform into Ghost Rider, his clothes wouldn't change at first until later on in his new incarnation.

3). Captain Punisher?

Fact 1: After Captain America (Steve Rogers) died, Frank Castle briefly filled in his shoes as Captain America. The Punisher always held Rogers to his highest regards and felt that someone had to put on the red, white, and blue suit. The Punisher wanted to add a bit of his own style to the costume, so that it will fit him better.

Fact 2: Why does the Punisher have a skull on his chest? The Skull is mostly meant to lure criminals into shooting at his chest instead of anywhere else. Also, each tooth works as a spare magazine, you know....just in case.

Fact 3: The Punisher is known to be the definition of what an anti-hero is!

4). Deadpool can be beaten by Squirrel Girl?

Fact 1: Doreen Green or Squirrel Girl has been shown to be an expert at martial arts and is able to beat Deadpool, and Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat. Those two are some of Marvel's most dangerous melee combatants.

Fact 2: Squirrel Girl defeated M.O.D.O.K., Terrax, and even The Mad Titan Thanos himself, some say that she had already defeated Giganto and Mandarin.

Fact 3: When Squirrel Girl explained her powers to Iron Man, she ended up beating the crap out of both him, and Dr. Doom!

5). So the Vision can become heavier than the Hulk?

Fact 1: If you probably didn't know this, the Vision can become lighter than air; which gives him the ability to phase through walls, kinda like Shadowcat.

Fact 2: Other than making himself lighter than air, the Vision can also make himself weigh up to 90 tons. That means the Vision can make himself more than ten times heavier than the Incredible Hulk who weigh 1,400 pounds.

Fact 3: The Vision is known to have the brain of Wonder Man and the body of the Human Torch.

6). Drax the Destroyer can kill Thanos?

Fact 1: Originally, to stop Thanos, his father and grandfather created a nemesis for him; and that nemesis is 'Drax the Destroyer'! Drax is one of the extremely few beings in the entire universe that has the ability to kill Thanos.

Fact 2: While driving through the desert, Drax's car was attacked by Thano's ship who believes that he was seen by the humans. Drax believes his entire family is dead and fights Thanos continuously until he gets his revenge.

Fact 3: Drax's daughter, Heather ends up surviving the car crash and is adopted by Thano's father, Mentor. Heather is raised on Titan, and she later becomes Moondragon.

7). Hawkeye can kill someone with what?

Fact 1: Not Hawkeye, but the ultimate version of Hawkeye is such a skilled marksman that he can kill any person by just simply ripping off and shooting his own fingernail.

Fact 2: Every time before Hawkeye goes on a mission, he would always repeatedly phone his family and say goodbye in case he never returned, but he always did.

Fact 3: When a Chitauri army were attempting to destroy Earth, the Ultimates worked to defeat them; after the battle, the hulk was still rampaging all over the city. It was up to a wounded Hawkeye to bring him down. Hawkeye also made an appearance on the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"!

8). The Black Panther has more money than Iron Man?

Fact 1: Tony Stark, the richest man in the Marvel universe? That's not true! Black Panther is known to be the richest superhero in Marvel right now, with an estimated value of $500 billion compared to Stark's $100 billion. You can also forget about Bill Gates!

Fact 2: The Black Panther once put the Silver Surfer in a headlock and he couldn't get out because of T'Challa's power level.

Fact 3: When they were young, T'Challa and Ororo Munroe who was an orphaned teen (that eventually became the X-men member Storm) fell in love once. They had to break off their relationship because of T'Challa's desire with avenging his father.

9). Wolverine did what to survive?

Fact 1: One time, Wolverine survived for six months under a glacier by eating strips of his own mutant flesh. The healing factor kept growing it back.

Fact 2: In a different "Uncanny X-Men" story-line, Wolverine and his comrades are fighting to gain control of a powerful alien gem in order to demonstrate the potential of the human race. Alien warrior begin hunting Wolverine and after catching up to him, knowing about his healing factor, they completely annihilate him. To the point where there was nothing left of Wolverine. Luckily for Wolverine, a drop of his blood landed on the powerful gem, and then grows a completely new Wolverine.

Fact 3: Just to let you know, Wolverine is over 210 years old!

10). Black Widow used to be a villain?

Fact 1: Originally, Black Widow was a Russian spy who's mission was to assassinate a Soviet defector.

Fact 2: Natalia Romanova was treated as a villain when she teamed up with Crimson Dynamo and fought Iron Man. Natasha manipulated Hawkeye into going up against Iron Man as well.

Fact 3: You may not know this, but Natalia is almost 70 years old! She kept her young looks from a variation of the super-soldier serum that was used on Steve Rogers.

11). The Hulk can punch harder than Superman?

Fact 1: After probing, the cosmic entity, the Beyonder claimed once that the Hulk's potential strength had "no infinite element inside". This means that his punches are stronger than Superman's.

Fact 2: In an Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk series Nick Fury decided to hire Wolverine, the man with the best possible chance of taking down the Green Goliath once and for all. However, not long after they first start fighting, the Hulk tears Wolverine clean in half! Throwing his legs miles into the distance, Wolverine had no other choice than to crawl back to them.

Fact 3: How does the Hulk die? When everyone on Earth is killed in a nuclear war, Bruce Banner is an elderly and decrepit man doomed to wander the Earth forever because the Hulk will not let him die. By this point, the Green Goliath has become invulnerable and is constantly attacked by irradiated cockroaches that eat him alive. He regenerates each time, but finally allows Banner to die, giving the Hulk his wish of being left alone. The story ends depressingly, as Bruce Banner and the Hulk are finally separated, leaving the Hulk alone on Earth...forever.

12). Call him chef Deadpool!

Fact 1: Deadpool once made 372,844 pancakes out of pure boredom. Nothing beats the smell of fresh pancakes in the morning!

Fact 2: Deadpool once survived a Zombie Apocalypse by falling into a food coma in a Mexican restaurant. Chimichangas save the day!

Fact 3: In a failed attempt to kill himself, Deadpool taunts the Hulk into a fight and accidentally leads him to a day care. Deadpool ends up saving the children, but gets shot in the head and is incapacitated; unable to explain himself, Deadpool is found guilty for taking the children as hostages. Poor Deadpool!

13). Daredevil inspired the creation of TMNT?

Fact 1: When Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Daredevil turned out to be their main inspiration. Marvel's origin story depicted a young boy saving an old man and being blinded by radioactive chemicals, how Matt Murdock became Daredevil. One of those containers would of course spill into the sewer, thereby creating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their sensei Splinter (who was named after Daredevil’s mentor, Stick). Even the TMNT's main foes The Foot Clan were inspired by The Hand.

Fact 2: Daredevil has regained his sight a number of times over the years. The first time was thanks to Moondragon, an obscure member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who miraculously could temporarily restore his vision (it robbed him of his radar sense though, and he found himself terrified to leap off buildings). The Beyonder also gave Daredevil back his eyes, the same with S.H.I.E.L.D. when they kidnapped and brainwashed him during the ’90s to serve as one of their agents. Most recently, the “Superior” Iron Man a twisted version of Tony Stark used Extremis to temporarily restore Matt’s sight.

Fact 3: When Matt Murdock was exposed as Daredevil and put in jail, Iron Fist was hired to dress and act as Daredevil to prove that he was innocent. Murdock broke out of prison and confronted the false Daredevil.

14). Thor became unworthy of Mjolnir?

Fact 1: When Iron Man and Captain America turned on Thor who became the Lord of Asgard, he angrily defeated the Avengers and imprisoned them. When he found Mjolnir, Thor discovered that he was no longer worthy of wielding it.

Fact 2: When Odin sent Thor to Earth, Thor was bound to a human vessel, a crippled medical student Donald Blake. He could turn into Thor by stamping his walking stick, which transformed into Mjolnir.

Fact 3: The magical hammer Mjolnir isn't the only weapon Thor relies upon in the comics. His enchanted Belt of Strength is also an important, as it enhances his strength to almost double its otherwise impressive level. In Norse mythology, these two items are accompanied by magical, iron gloves that allow him to wield Mjolnir.

15). Tony Stark hacked what as a teen?

Fact 1: As a dare in high school, Tony Stark hacked into the pentagon's firewall. That just shows how smart Tony was at such young age!

Fact 2: Disney doesn't want you to know that Tony Stark has a serious drinking problem. It’s something which Marvel has avoided dealing with, despite the fact that they at least hinted at the idea during Iron Man 2. Disney wouldn’t allow it because of the large number of children who watch the Marvel movies. In the comic books though, it’s an issue which still occasionally comes up.

Fact 3: Stan Lee created Iron Man as a challenge to create a character no one should like and force people to like him!

16). Spider-Man can be stronger than the Hulk?

Fact 1: In "Amazing Spider-Man #328" Spider-Man punches the Hulk so hard, he literally sends the green goliath into orbit!

Fact 2: Spider-Man was being hunted by the police after being framed by Norman Osbourne for murder. Unable to operate as Spider-Man, he created four costumes, all with their own weapons and abilities. Ricochet and Dusk, who were known as criminals and Hornet and Prodigy, who were known as heroes.

Fact 3: Despite the facts that you might have heard, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has fallen for more women than Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. Peter’s first love was a beautiful young girl named Betty Brant, after they broke up, that was when Peter got together with Gwen Stacy. When Gwen Stacy passed away, Mary Jane was away from New York. In the mean time, Peter fell in love with Felicia Hardy, he had great chemistry with her, but could never tell her his secret. After that was when Peter finally landed with Mary Jane

17). God's righteous man!

Fact 1: To carry Thor's hammer it doesn't take any physical strength whatsoever, the person must be worthy first as the hammer reads "Whosever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor". During an attack by some of Seth’s followers, Thor is separated from Mjolnir. Cap means to give it back to him, but in the process of reaching for it, he is overpowered by bad guys intending to destroy him, so he comes out swinging the hammer and swiftly defeats them. Thor congratulates him as he has a pure heart and noble mind to use the hammer.

Fact 2: Captain America may be known as a public face for Marvel, but it turns out that he's older than Marvel itself. Marvel never created Captain America, he was actually created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who helped Stan Lee create a few other Marvel icons. The first Captain America comic debuted in the 1940's.

Fact 3: Captain America has been known to have punched a lot of communists in the 50's. Cap held the title “Commie Smasher” and met Communist spies everywhere with either his fists or even weapons like gasoline.

There's just so much more!

Those are some of the crazy facts about some Marvel superheroes that you may or may have not known! There's probably some facts I maybe left out, but let me know what you think about all the other crazy facts! Did it blow your mind? Comment down below!


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