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Ever notice how a lot of the Adult Rebels Fans say things along the lines of "Its just like the Original trilogy" or "it feels just like the Original Trilogy" or "It reminds me of the Original Trilogy" you want to know why? Because that is how the show is designed. A lot of the designs in Star Wars Rebels are largely based off of the original Concept art for Star Wars, i believe they did this in order to capture that 1970's retro Sci Fi look and feel that we got in A New Hope. Just look at this article and see for yourself several examples of how they used several of the 1970's concept art in Rebels.

Going back to the original concept art is one way that they are pandering to the emotions of Original trilogy Fans, but there are also more direct and subtle references to the OT (Original Trilogy). Here are a few that i was able to catch

I will embellish on the text in this image later
I will embellish on the text in this image later

They even have several Stars from the OT appear in Rebels (and a few from the Clone Wars, they also try to pander Clone wars Fans)

Even in the design of the one city on the planet has features taken from well established locations that we saw in the films

So why is there all this subtle referencing and why are there characters from the Original Trilogy featured so often in Rebels?

The answer is quite simple really, because they are trying to cover up the overall poor quality of the show by pandering to the nostalgia of older fans, they are also clouding people's judgement of this show by throwing in all these OT references. You know majority of Star Wars Fans agree that the Original Trilogy is the best in the Saga and because of that people are being tricked into thinking Rebels is good because they are being regularly reminded of the OT in Rebels.

They are also using OT characters as a means to get people to watch Rebels and to get people to come back and watch the next episode and also to get Adult fans to watch. You know the first Season of Rebels has 13 Episodes and in roughly 7 of those episodes are appearances by characters from the Original Trilogy and The Clone Wars, Literally half of the first season had well established characters make an appearance! They are using these characters as a way to get people to watch this show as a way to draw people in and then in order to hold peoples interest in the show they use more established characters. Just look at Season 2 we are going to get to see some of the Clones from the Clone Wars as well as more Ahsoka and even Hondo Ohnaka plus we get to see Lando again and Darth Vader i also hear that Palpatine will make an appearance.

Ask yourself would you really be watching Rebels right now if it didn't remind you of the OT? And if it didn't have all these established characters making appearances, would you really be enjoying Rebels without all of that?

There is no doubt in my mind that if this show were to stand on its own two feet without the help of references and special guests it would not have the Adult following that it does now. You can only pander to nostalgia for so long before people start to realize just how good this show actually is...

If you have found any other references to the OT in Rebels then please tell me about them because i would love to hear about them!

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