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Expectations were obviously high when Jurassic World was released, this had been a sequel we waited years for and didn’t want to be let down with. I’m happy to say that not only does Jurassic World live up to expectations but it’s the sequel we all waited years for, it’s the best film in the franchise since the first. Film is subjective but Jurassic World is the funniest out of all the Jurassic Park films, it may not reach the heights of the first but it’s the closest we could of asked for; this is the real Jurassic Park sequel.

When the Universal logo opens up and the film starts, I got feels because the original music started playing and it brought back so many memories. I feel that fans of the series will more than likely love this because it feels like a Jurassic Park film, the action sequences are the best in the series since the first. I know I might catch some flack for this but the action scenes are actually the best in the series, including the first film. Jurassic World much like the first one, makes you feel like a kid because of the magic behind it; it’ll make you cry tears of happiness because it’s the first great Jurassic Park sequel. This could’ve easily had been a cash grab but it feels like everyone behind the film, took a lot of care with it and wanted to make the best film they could and they succeed with that. Chris Pratt makes the movie even more enjoyable and he’s something that even the first film didn’t have, a character that truly makes the movie more fun and enjoyable. Now I don’t think Jurassic World matches the first one but it certainly comes close, it’s one of the best sequels to any film.

I went into this film with the expectations that’ll be good but it won’t come close to the original film and will end up much like the third, I was so wrong. This movie lives up the name and is a true Jurassic Park film, it has everything you could want in a Jurassic Park film and stuff you didn’t realize you wanted. The action set pieces are much like a rollercoaster ride where suspense is built up and then released with the drop, the drop in this film being when the dino’s decide to come and play. Not to spoil anything but you do see people get chased and I know some people have complained about one scene being dark for a film like this; don’t worry I promise I won’t spoil that for any of you. That complaint is ungrounded because that scene is exactly what you’d expect from a movie like this and if dinosaurs were still around, that is the kind of thing they’d be doing; dinosaurs wouldn’t care. This movie has charm and a heart that was sorely missing from the sequels, Jurassic Word has a lot of heart.

Jurassic World is the sequel you have been waiting for and if you still have yet to catch it in theaters, then go right now.


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