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Given the massive box office numbers earned by Jurassic World last weekend, it's obvious that the Jurassic Park franchise is far from going extinct. Because I hadn't watched the original film in far too long - considering anything more than three years as too long - I can't have been the only person who spent the week brushing up on the first three Jurassic movies.

Whether you just took a refresher course in all things Jurassic, are a longtime fan who remembers every detail from the 1993 classic, or someone fresh to the franchise, here's a quiz that will tell you how much random trivia you remember from the first Jurassic Park movie. Let's see how much you know!


Fill in the tagline for Jurassic Park: “An Adventure _________ Years in the Making”

Answer: 65 million


What type of animal DNA was used to “fill the gaps” in the dinosaur’s DNA sequence that allowed them to later breed in the wild?

Answer: A frog


What color was Lex Murphy’s jello?

Answer: Green


What kind of dinosaurs do Lex, Tim, and Dr. Grant run through the meadow with?

Answer: Gallimimus


What is the name of the fictional island Jurassic Park is situated on?

Answer: Isla Nublar


What does Donald Gennaro recite before being eaten on the toilet?

Answer: The Hail Mary Prayer


What type of dinosaur left the droppings found by Jeff Goldblum?

Answer: Triceratops


How did the filmmakers make the glass of water ripple, mimicking the T-Rex’s footsteps?

Answer: A guitar string


How many Velociraptors did Robert Muldoon say Jurassic Park bred initially?

Answer: 8


What is the temperature of a newborn Velociraptor?

Answer: 91 degrees


What kind of dinosaur sneezes on Lex Murphy?

Answer: A Brachiosaurus


What kind of dinosaur kills Dennis Nedry?

Answer: Dilophosaurus


How many minutes are dinosaurs actually shown in the film?

Answer: 15 minutes

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section!


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