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Marvel's second show after the highly rated Daredevil, Jessica Jones has high expectations as its predecessor. But aside from the official synopsis provided to us, what can we expect Jessica Jones?

Ever since her short-lived stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic, badass private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Plagued by self-loathing, and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check."

1. A Faithful Adaptation of Purple Man

Dave Tennant, hands down is a spectacular actor, so it is no surprise that he was cast as Zebediah Killgrave a.k.a Purple Man. In the comics, Killgrave, after a chemical incident, possesses the ability to control people's minds and of course that purple skin. He is manipulative and cold, and he will probably be the next Kingpin. Now we don't know if in the show he will actually have purple skin since all we saw was the purple suit on the set photo, but we will for sure witness his manipulative power. He has had a long history with Jessica Jones, making her do things she did not want to do. It is highly likely they have already encountered each other prior to the show's plot beginning. Jessica Jones is a crime investigator now, and in one of her cases, she has dealt with Killgrave so many of her bizarre cases could lead to a showdown between both characters.

2. Krysten Ritter Kicking Ass

I mean this both performance style and Jessica Jones literally kicking ass style. I recall Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad in which she played Jessie's partner. Her acting ability is flawless, and I believe she can play a 'tough as nails' ex superhero with her comedic charm here and there. In addition, in the instances where we do see Jessica Jones using her powers (strength, durability, and flight), it will make for great visual effects and something new for Marvel television shows. Perhaps even a slight nod or taste of what is to come in the Captain Marvel movie.

3. Luke Cage Prequel/Prologue

Luke Cage is set to appear in the show, and it has been confirmed he will appear in 6-7 episodes of Jessica Jones, which is about half of the season. This tells us that audiences will explore some sort of origin story with him, or him kicking ass alongside his lover Jessica Jones. Now, we don't know if he already has his powers when the show's plot begins or if he will later on but regardless, it will be to Marvel's advantage to explore his side while he is on Jessica Jones so they can already get to it when he comes back in 2016 for his run.

4. Hellcat in Hell's Kitchen

Yep, in case you didn't know, Rachel Taylor has been cast as Hellcat and is to appear in Jessica Jones. She is an old character of Marvel and she has frequently teamed up with Jessica Jones and the Defenders. Here is her official synopsis:

"Trish is a syndicated radio talk show host, former model and child TV star known to her adoring fans as "Patsy" Walker. As Jessica Jones’ closest friend, Trish helps her embark on the most dangerous case of Jessica's career.

5. Mature Ideas Explored

If you though Wilson Fisk was a big bad, wait until you witness Purple Man. I have faith that this character will be the key to exploring the dark themes in not only Jessica Jones but the entire MCU. Manipulation and betrayal will probably be two ideas we will see through Purple Man. In addition, the synopsis reveals Jessica Jones has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), hence we will probably be seeing flashbacks of such events that have led to Jessica Jones retiring from being a superhero.


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