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I am a Marvel and a DC fan. I read manga and watch anime. I am an artist too. I read a lot of fantasy and Mystery novels.

Okay I know many may not remember unless they were one born in the 80's or two big Roald Dahl fans.

There was a full length animated feature film of The BFG made in 1989.

A Whizzpopper!!
A Whizzpopper!!

It was pretty amazing for anyone who had read the book in school, it was fun and cute....if you over look the terribly frightening Human being eating giants. Seriously if you go watch the animated film you'll want to lock your kids windows at night!

This was amazing when it first came and and enchanted possibly every child who read the book who got the chance to see it. It even had an amazing cast!

  • David Jason as the voice of the BFG
  • Amanda Root as Sophie
  • Angela Thorne as the Queen of England!

The animated film itself was really amazing! If you have not seen it here is the trailer...

BFG and Blood-Bottler giant
BFG and Blood-Bottler giant

I know around the internet it is going around that Disney may be making a BFG film. well I looked around too and found this.

  • Steven Spielberg will be directing
  • This marks Steven Spielberg’s first time directing a Disney-branded movie.
  • Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Mark Rylance, Penelope Wilton, and Ruby Barnhill will star in this.

I really hope the story will stay overall the same as the book without to many would be sad if they ruined such a great children's book.


What do you think about the movie being remade?


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