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It's been heavily rumored that Netflix and Marvel plan to team up again for three more shows including Ghost Rider, Blade and the badass vigilante himself: Punisher. Out of these rumored characters to get there own show, Punisher seems to be the most likely to get green lit for his own show because he's more gritty and grounded in reality and he'll be a big hit after Daredevil releases season 2 next year. While fans would be excited to see Punisher get proper justice after three failed movies, there are definitely some real baddies that we would love to see The Punisher go toe-to-toe with...

1. Ma Gnucci

Head of the Gnucci crime family, Ma Gnucci is soon targeted by Punisher after all their crime activity in New York City. Ma is portrayed as a bossy, ruthless and above all else, ambitious old woman as she tries everything at her disposal to put an end to the Punisher. Even getting mutilated by a pair of Polar Bears in a cage doesn't seem to slow her down but only fuel her rage even more to want to be rid of Frank Castle. Ma Gnucci and her crime family would be a great story arc for a Netflix season.

2. The Russian

We sort of saw a version of this guy in the 2004 version of the Punisher starring Thomas Jane (the best Punisher to date) but we never really saw this guy in all his silly and brutish glory. The Russian is an enforcer hired by Ma Gnucci as a last desperate attempt to take out the Punisher. The Russian is almost like a small child with the strength of 20 men, he doesn't know his own strength and he enjoys what he does in a twisted childlike way. Oh, and he's a big fanboy of Spider-Man too. The Russian would definitely be a fun and delightful addition to the Punisher Netflix series.

3. The Kingpin

While mostly being Daredevil's archenemy, the Kingpin has also had many encounters with both Spider-Man and Punisher. It would be fun and interesting to see Punisher go head-to-head with the Kingpin of Crime and maybe even throw in a cameo from Daredevil. While they probably can't kill off Wilson Fisk because of his rising popularity, it would still be cool to see the Punisher team up with the Man without Fear to bring down Kingpin.

4. Hammerhead

While usually only going against Spider-Man in the comics, Hammerhead would be a great villain for the infamous vigilante. Little is known about Hammerhead's past, however he soon became a bigwig in the Maggia crime family. After being severely wounded in a brawl, his skull was replaced with a metal one and he took the name Hammerhead. A hard-headed gangster with a short temper? Who else would you want to see go against Punisher?

5. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is to Punisher like Mandarin is to Iron Man; like Mephisto is to Ghost Rider or Deacon Frost is to Blade, or Joker is to Batman. Jigsaw is Punisher's archenemy who constantly tries to either kill Punisher or just ruin his life. Jigsaw was born when Billy "The Beaut" Russo was in a brawl with Punisher and was thrown through a pane glass. While thought to have died, he initially survived but was heavily scarred across his face that made his once beautiful face into a hideous jigsaw. Afterwards, Jigsaw swears vengeance on Punisher and initially tries to kill Punisher, then he tries to ruin his life by hurting the ones around him, becoming creepily obsessed with him. He becomes so obsessed with Punisher that he even proclaims that he loves him.

Jigsaw is a great adversary for the Punisher and a great villain to add to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Who would you like to see in a Punisher Netflix series?


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