ByRichard Thomas, writer at

What happened to Hollywood? While I understand there have been re-boots since the dawn of time (just kidding), I'm tired of all the good classics getting a facelift because it will bring in the bucks. What's next, a re-boot of Spaceballs? Why not redo Star Trek, oh wait, they did. Into darkness was a glossy Wrath of Kahn, WITHOUT KAHN! I've loved The princess Bride since my sister made me watch it with her when I was a kid (I'm 33 now). Get your own movies kids! Or love the originals. There's nothing worse than taking a hit movie from the past, slapping some of today's "hot" stars, mix a pinch of familiar "old" names, and throw in some "awesome" computer craphics. Yes I said craphics.... Why can't they leave good movies alone? Haven't we learned our lesson from the special edition Star Wars movies Lucas tried to pass off as "better"? I admit that I do own the special edition, plus the original untouched 80's CBS VHS trilogy so I have the good ones,but, must we live through another Greedo shoots first flub? Atleast he left the storm trooper smacking his head on the door plus adding the sound of it. Anyway, topic at hand.... I could be mistaken, it may come out good, but, I think some things are better left untouched.


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