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Travis Rogers

The two teams are the z fighters and the avengers. It starts off with hank pym and Tony stark making a machine that can transport into different dementions. They made two one was stolen by a group of the worst bad guys which is Thanos, the red skull, Dr doom, loki,magneto, abomination, and a few others including Thanos army of followers. Loki steals the machine and transports himself and the group into the world of dragon Ball z. Right away they are confronted by vegeta, goku, future trunks, and piccolo they fight off as much as they could until piccolo gets seriously injured after Thanos grabs him and breaks his back. Then Tony gets the team together to go help. The members that went were tony, wolverine, captain America, hulk, black widow, hawkeye, thor, hank pym, she hulk, amd a few others. When they show up they get too overwhelmed by Thanos and the others so they retreat and are then after found by krillin. He then into duces the team to the rest of the fighters which was goku, gohan, vegeta, trunks, krillin, tien, android 18 and yamcha. They come up with a plan and all go head on and attack Thanos and the others vegeta and goku use fusion and go up against Thanos while also in super sayain 4. While gohan and hulk go up against the abomination. Thor, tony, krillin and yamcha fight loki krillin and yamcha end up getting killed in the process. Then trunks, android 18, cap, she hulk, hawkeye and black widow fight the red skull and Thanos army of soldiers. Wolverine and the rest also help fight the army. In the end goku and vegeta defeat Thanos and everyone retreats back to the avengers demention. Tony offers the fighter to come with them for a celebration they join in but it causes the death of the rest of the fighters because the air is too thick and it suffocated them.


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