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Star Wars Rebels - Season 2

The trailer for this second series has been around since Celebration Anahiem. But new footage is being added as the premiere draws closers. And this latest two videos show Darth Vader being the villain he is supposed to be. I've already written an article about my thoughts on Lord Vader in 4-6 and how Anakin in Episodes 2 and 3 is the real villain of the now Disney Cannon.

The first video shows not much new footage, but is all about Lord Vader's entrance into the Series. Which to be honest, the first one didn't scream 'watch me live' I actually waited until Season 1 was over and I watched it over a three day period.

The second Video is a mini Trailer fore the first episode of Season 2 -

Vader is shown to be no match for the Firefly-esk character's we've seen for the last 12 episodes (Season 1)

The thrid video -

This video shocased Anakin still being the best piolt in the galaxy. Take that Han Solo

Now the actual trailer -

Now in this trailer we get to see the fact that somehow, Captain Rex survived Order 66, and we see Anakin taking out the cowboy and Aladdin. I would love to see Anakin killing the 'rebels' and even Ahsoka. I wanted Ahsoka to die in Clone Wars because she was not even mentioned in 'Revenge of the Sith'. And now these new characters are now where to be seen or heard from in 'a New Hope' so please let Darth Vader kill them! It's ain't going to happen because it's a kids show, but a man can dream.

Kill him Annie!!!!
Kill him Annie!!!!

I might end up watching this series when it airs, but might not.

Now onto the main event, the films.
Now onto the main event, the films.

The Peanuts

This is the first trailer for this film, a teaser was released a while ago -

At first I was scared the 'new girl' was going to become a 'Mary Sue' type character, everyone instantly loves her and she's perfect in every way. But from this trailer it seems like everyone spends the entire time avoiding her. And when he finally is seen the boys like her but the girls don't. Instead of everyone liking her. As per usual with a Shultz film, Snoppy steels the show, at least for me.

I wouldn't see this film in the theaters, but would definitely rent it from Redbox.

The Runner

I went into this trailer not knowing one bloody thing about the film except the fact that Nick Cage's photo was in the thumbnail. So Let's watch it.

The Trailer -

Well, it's an Oscar film. When I say Oscar film, I mean it's the type of film you watch once, and never again. I probably will not even rent this film, but if nothing else was on tv I might watch it one rainy night. But hay, if it's nominated I'll watch it on my 'Oscar run' when I watch all the films and see which one I'd be rooting for. Usually it's the best of the worst when it comes to Oscar Films. The last winner I liked was Argo, and before that it was 'the Return of the King'.

I don't have a favorite scene from this trailer, so I'll just post the poster.

The Secret Life of Pets

All I know about this trailer going in is it's animated and has a cat in the thumbnail.

The trailer -

seems decent, but it's from the same people that made the Despicable Me films, the first one was decent for a one off, but I couldn't watch it again and the squeal I left in the middle of. Maybe I'll rent it, maybe.

I found this part funny
I found this part funny

The 7th Dwarf

Yet again, another trailer I know nothing about, anyone seeing a pattern here?

Trailer -

no, heck no, fuck no! Dumb, stupid, Shrek Wannabe.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Now I actually know about this film, I actually saw the first film and it was the first decent Sandler flick in years.

the Trailer -

Yes this isn't a trailer buy itself, but I couldn't find this particular trailer anywhere else, so here it is.

It seems like some of the magic is back, but why would the kid not be born a vampire. Or why couldn't they just bite the kid? Some of the Hollyween jokes are back, but the Gaga song took a point off for me.

I might rent the film at Redbox.

Special Gift - Toy Story Honest Trailer

the Trailer -

My Comment -

Actually Andy's dad being dead makes the most since. The family moves, but not out of town, only out of the area. (In Toy Story 3 Sid is seen and Andy's mom hasn't moved since part 1) Woody was the last gift Andy got from his dad, and it was a toy he had when he was small. Also Woody's mental break down of realizing he was a toy probably came when Andy's dad was still small.


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