ByMary McMichael, writer at
Mary McMichael

Sweet Tooth was such a sweet boy when growing up. He had a family that was caring to him. He was a straight A student. All of the kids were his friends. Then one night a mass murderer was on the loose. Black or as known as doctor Hatch, killed Sweet Tooth's family. Raged with anger Sweet Tooth ended up wanting to end Black's time on earth and take him to the underworld. Dr. Hatch heard word of this and sent Sweet Tooth to the insane asylum. Dr. Hatch worked there and ended up giving Sweet Tooth a clown face that always has a smile. He glued it to Sweet Tooth's face. He has straps on his head because he escaped from the asylum while under electric shock. Dr. Hatch was trying to kill him. That's why he has a flaming head. He chose to use a ice cream truck because while he was in the asylum Dr. Hatch would give him ice cream with live worms in it. So now he uses destruction as revenge to try to kill Dr. Hatch, destructing everything in his path, after all his family was sliced and diced.


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