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I have been on kind of a kick of Anastasia personally and with Disney having many more plans to make live-action versions of their Disney characters, I was wondering who might be cast if Fox decided to revive their classic movie, Anastasia, as it rivaled Disney's own princesses back in the day. So here is who I would cast if they were to make a live-action version today.

Young Dimitri- Peyton Meyer

With a sweet smile and a mischievous attitude that comes into play a lot in Girl meets world I think he would be able to pull off the younger version of Dimitri, ready to take down the guards so that Anastasia and her grandmother can get away

Young Anastasia- Dove Cameron

With those big blue eyes, slap a wig on her or dye her hair and Dove easily could transform into the young and goofy Anastasia, she's even able to cross her eyes like the young version does at her grandmother. Her lilting voice would match fairly well with the young girls, and she would definitely steal the screen in her short time in the movie.

Tsar Nicholas- Jamie Dornan

He's already had a hand in fantasy with playing the Huntsman on Once Upon a Time, and those red locks and beard are a near perfect match to the tsar's depiction. He is good at showing repressed anger, which would definitely be needed, and we know from 50 Shades of Grey that he does have some dance moves, which would be perfect in the ballroom scene. He would definitely be at the top of my list for playing the angry ruler but nurturing father.

Bartok- Hank Azaria

I honestly don't think that they should bring in a live bat, so I think that he would be CGI. But I honestly can't even imagine another voice for him outside of the one that Hank gave him I think it would be fun to have him come back and reprise the role. After all, he given got himself a solo sequel!

Sophie- Rebel Wilson

You just know that Rebel Wilson would just chew up the scenery playing the vivacious and zealous Sophie. Sophie is so over the top and sneaky, and I think that Rebel would bring a good humor to her, and maybe even play on that slight sexuality that is hinted at in the movie between her and Vlad. Another scene stealer, she would bring a lot of fun to Paris.

Vlad- Seth Rogen

First of all, a movie with Rebel Wilson and Seth Rogen is just something that should happen anyway, their humor would be amazing to play off of each other. But Seth can be both funny, and very serious and caring, even if it is in a sort of backwards way. I could see him being very proud of where he came from and trying to get back to that, while still having been content for so many years just living his life with Dimitri conning people.

Grandma- Julie Andrews

Maybe it would be typecasting after her playing the grandmother in both Princess Diaries films, but I think that she could pull it off. The strong woman who had fought her whole life to be reunited with the only family that she still believes is alive and showing the pain of coming to the conclusion that her granddaughter is actually gone.

Rasputin- Gary Oldman

The deep raspy voice, the dark side, I don't think anyone could quite pull off a live-action version of Rasputin like Gary could. Almost harken back to his Dracula days in solitude and darkness wasting away waiting for a woman. He definitely has a dry sense of humor, like his little jabs as Gordon in the Dark Knight trilogy and he can do the over the top characteristics, like when he was in Harry potter or his work as Rueben in Quest for Camelot. He is the perfect cartoon like bad guy.

Dimitri- Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers is just a chameleon in my eyes. He definitely has the con side down, as shown in his turn on Gossip Girl as drug dealer Damian. He can be surprisingly charming at the same time as being conniving, thinking of his own endgame which he showed in The Jane Austen Book Club. Or he can be incredibly kind and thoughtful like when he was in American Girl: Felicity. His last biggest role was Alec Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones the movie. I am still waiting for him to make a big comeback, and I think that a movie like this, showing his range, would be the perfect thing. And who wasn't in love with Dimitri?

Anya- Emma Stone

Does this even need an explanation? Emma Stone is everything that the character Anya is. She is adventurous, she's strong willed, she has a biting sense of humor, and honestly could see her going toe to toe with any man that gave her a hard time, giving it right back to them. Her sass, her smile, and her whole personality just shine in everything she does, and she tends to talk with her hands a lot I've noticed, which is something that Anya does a lot. She's a strong presence, and has the star power to carry a movie that is named for her character, and I think she would enjoy it. Let's be honest, she looks like her, she has the energy and her facial expressions are hilarious to watch so I could see her just sitting there mimicking Dimitri during one of his lessons. She would definitely be the perfectly Anya.

Do you agree with the list? Leave a comment below and let me know who you think would play each character!


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