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That knot in your chest will not unravel, and the burning hatred you have for George R.R. Martin and his need to destroy all you love is unparalleled. Regardless as to how you or I feel, Jon Snow was killed in the finale of Season 5 of Game of Thrones. I waited a while to post this, as I didn't want to spoil everything for those who didn't watch it yet. BUT NOW THE TIME HAS COME!

RIP Jon Snow
RIP Jon Snow

Multiple sources, including Kit Harington himself, are saying that Kit is not going to be making a return to the show. They could be lying...or it could mean Jon Snow is gone forever, at least as we know him.

1. Jon could be a prophesied warrior for the Lord of Light.

Melisandre just so happens to be in Castle Black when Jon is murdered. Could she resurrect him? Melisandre was always fond of him, and its possible that she believes him to be the human incarnation of the "Lord of Light". She thought it was Stannis for a long time, but clearly she changed her mind.

Melisandre in Game of Thrones
Melisandre in Game of Thrones

Once Stannis began his march on Winterfell, Melisandre lost hope in Stannis and didn't even bother to try and save him. She fled, and went straight to Jon Snow. She arrived before he was killed, but was his death supposed to happen? Melisandre and the followers of the Lord of Light believe in the coming of a chosen warrior to combat the coming darkness. "The Prince That Was Promised", who is prophesied to be reborn "amidst smoke and salt" and wield the sword "Lightbringer". The key word there is "reborn". The prophesy states that the Prince That Was Promised is supposed to die, and be reborn anew as the warrior of light.

That being said, I suppose it could be Stannis as well. If all we're going on is a personal connection to Melisandre and the fact that they died, both Jon and Stannis fit the bill. Perhaps Melisandre can resurrect either? In that case, did she choose Jon and leave Stannis to die? Only time will tell.

2. Another theory is that Jon Snow is a Targaryen.

R+L=J is a major fan theory thats been around for a while. R stands for Rheagar Targaryen, L stands for Lyanna Stark, and J stands for Jon Snow. Basically the theory is that Ned Stark would never betray his wife Catelyn and father a bastard. Its just not in his nature. Because of this, the theory goes on to explain that Rhaegar Targaryen is actually Jon's father, and Lyanna Stark is his mother. This makes Jon Snow Ned Starks nephew.

Was Jon Snow just Ned Stark's nephew?
Was Jon Snow just Ned Stark's nephew?

If the theory is true, this is allegedly how it all went down. When Lyanna was giving birth to Jon, she lost too much blood and was dying. In her last moments, Ned promised his dying sister that he would take Jon under his wing and raise him as one of his own. He lied about Jon's parentage, because if the world knew he was half Targaryen, he'd be hunted much like Daenerys was through the first few seasons of the show. If all of this is true, this could mean that Jon is actually half Targaryen and half Stark (JON WOULD LITERALLY BE A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE)!!!!

Also, Jon would actually be Daenerys' nephew. Now, how does all that effect anything, since he's dead anyways? Well at The Wall, if someone dies they burn the body. This prevents them from turning into White Walkers or Wights (zombies). When The Nights Watch goes to burn Jon Snow's body, will he burn? Or will the fire cleanse him of his wounds and bring him back to the land of the living? GAHHHHH SEASON 6 HURRY UP!

3. Jon could be a Warg, and be trapped inside Ghost's body.

I know what you're thinking. Huh? What? Yeah thats what I thought about this theory too. Until I read the books! Granted, Im only on the third book, "A Storm of Swords", but in the books Jon Snow is able to put himself into the body of his dire wolf Ghost. Much like his half brother Bran, who can take control over the bodies of many types of animals and even his simple minded companion Hodor, Jon has the ability to enter the mind of Ghost and control him. He has yet to enter the minds of any other creature to the best of my knowledge. This could be due to his immensely close connection he has to Ghost.

Jon also doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on his Warg abilities (Warg, for those who are unawares, is the term used to identify humans who can take over the minds and bodies of animals). Jon mostly has dreams about being Ghost, only to wake up and realize it may not have been a dream. He doesn't seem to know that he is a Warg or that he can control Ghost at will.

As far as I can remember, Jon does not possess these abilities in the show. He certainly has a very close relationship to Ghost, but has yet to take over his body and control him. The theory that people are pushing is that when Jon was killed by Ollie, his "soul" so to speak, transferred inadvertently to Ghost. In death, Jon may have discovered his Warg abilities, and moved his soul from himself to Ghost.

Where was Ghost in the Season 6 finale?
Where was Ghost in the Season 6 finale?

In addition to that idea, theres this one important question that needs to be answered. WHERE THE HELL IS GHOST WHEN JON GETS KILLED!? Ghost is by Jon's side almost every minute of every day, so when Jon needs him most its a little peculiar that he wouldn't come barreling in to his rescue. The fact that he is absent supports this theory in a way. It makes the idea that Jon is alive but trapped inside Ghost possible.

I love all three theories, and support them all! Thats right, I believe all three could be true! Here are my personal thoughts on how all three theories could be correct.

When the new season opens up it likely won't be long until Samwell Tarly realizes that his good friend Jon Snow has been murdered. I'm sure he will be in a state of mourning and panic for a bit, but at one point or another he will realize that those who murdered Jon is going to go after Ghost next. Sam might try to help ghost escape into the wild so that he might be spared. However Sam is a smart guy, and I'm certain that at one point or another he will realize that Jon might be trapped inside the body of his dire wolf. Could his revelation take place before or after he tries to help ghost escape? Who knows...

Poor Sam
Poor Sam

Now it is a known fact that if a Warg were to take over the mind of an animal, and while having that animal under his or her control, their human body is killed, the Warg will then forever be trapped inside the body of that animal. So if Jon truly is a Warg, and he is trapped inside the body of Ghost, he could be stuck there permanently. They would probably need some very powerful magic to pull Jon out of ghosts body...

BOOM! In comes Melisandre! She will likely try to use her powerful magics and spells to resurrect Jon's body and put his soul back into his human form. Resurrection has been done before in the Game of Thrones show. There was a red priest by the name of Thoros in season three who resurrected a friend of his who had been killed by The Hound aka Sandor Clegane. It's very possible Melisandre could do the same thing for Jon Snow.

The Nights Watch WILL burn Jon's body. Or they will try. If his body doesn't burn, could this mean he is part Targaryan? Well, some Targaryans possess resistance to fire and heat, and some do not. Daenerys' brother Viserys did not possess this ability. We know this because Khal Drogo melted his head with a molten crown of gold.

If Jon's body doesn't burn, and Melisandre moves Jon's soul back into his now healed human body, Jon could be resurrected as the Prince That Was Promised, a fabled legend made real to combat the long winter that is upon the realm of men! With all these ways for Jon to live, its hard to believe that he will stay dead for long at all!

Jon Snow could be the key to all of Game of Thrones! Or he could just be dead... We shall see when Game of Thrones Season 6 returns, which isn't confirmed when that will be exactly. Right now it seems like April 2016 is when season six will arrive, so sit tight!

And remember... You know nothing, Winter is coming, and Valar Morghulis!


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