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In November 2013, an incident occurred that sent terrible shockwaves throughout Hollywood and the rest of the world - Paul Walker died in a horrific high-speed car accident, leaving us to mourn a beautiful soul and an incredible talent.

And now, with the memory of the tragedy still fresh in our minds, some more devastating news has emerged.

It appears that one man was not as heartbroken as he should have been with Paul's passing and instead, heartlessly utilized the catastrophe for his own agenda.

It has come to light that following his death, one of Paul's friends allegedly stole numerous cars from him.

On June 11th, a suit against Paul's supposed 'friend' Richard Taylor was filed, accusing the man of taking and hiding several of the actor's cars that were stored in a facility in Valencia, California. And to make matters worse, this occurred less than a day following the star's death.

At the time of the tragedy, Paul owned over 30 cars. One of the cars stolen was reportedly a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS, similar to this one:

Porsche GT3 RS
Porsche GT3 RS

A further 6 cars also cannot be found, including a 2008 BMW M3, a 2006 Crown Victoria and a 2004 GMC truck.

BMW M3 Cabrio
BMW M3 Cabrio

According to the lawsuit:

"[Taylor] has intentionally and fraudulently concealed the existence and location of such vehicles from Plaintiff in order to wrongfully convert such vehicles for his own use or benefit."

Paul's father, who is in charge of all of his son's assets, claimed to have confronted the friend responsible. When he asked of the cars' whereabouts, Taylor refused to give an answer and it is believed he wanted to use them to extort money or to simply keep them as his own.

And now, there is also speculation that others were also involved in the crime. The attorney for Walker's estate, Christopher Heck, says:

"One of the issues is a question of record-keeping [...] Mr. Taylor and people associated with him were handling the records in a lot of cases and the records are not sufficient."

Currently, the main aim is to return Paul's treasured cars, or at least make Taylor pay back their value in cash in case he has already sold them. Yet, it is incredibly sad to hear of the mistreatment of some of Paul's prized possessions and to find that someone out there can be so heartless as to attempt to taint the actor's legacy.

That a close friend could do such a thing to a deceased pal is simply shocking and very saddening, indeed.

Paul, we miss you and you deserve better!



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