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In 1995 Toy Story arrived in cinemas and catapulted itself into being one of the most beloved children films. It's A tale of imagination, adventures, conflicts and most of all having fun.

I really do love Toy Story and I have to say it was one of my most favorite films to watch when I was little. This Toy Story Honest Trailer is hilarious, but it does actually bring up some interesting questions. Prepare yourself, to have the film pulled apart in this light hearted video.

Are you ready for their theories?

"Get ready for the classic children's film that is all about jealousy, broken dreams and the existential dread that you will one day outlive your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better."- Honest Trailer

"The film is all about jealousy":

Frenemies, or are Buzz Lightyear and Woody just insanely jealous of one another?

Don't believe it? Well here is Woody blatantly trying to kill Buzz Lightyear:

Toy Story is all about 'broken dreams':

Check it out, broken dreams everywhere... just look at Woody's face as he faces this potential realization:

'Woody is a mean, egotistical control freak'

Here's Woody saying "You stay away from Andy," you know, the boy who owns all of the toys...

Control freak alert. Take a look at Woody always telling everyone around him to "SHUT UP!"

Can toys feel pain?

The video by Screen Junkies, raises this question. So, if these toys can talk, can they also feel pain? They sure pull some wacky moves throughout the film. Check out Woody's Exorcist style move:

Which toys can talk and which can't?

The binoculars can talk and they don't even have a mouth, but other toys with a mouth cannot...:

And, Just 'Where Is Andy's Dad?'

His dad is not mentioned or seen in any of the films, and there are a bunch of fan theories floating around questioning where he could be.

Could his dad be dead? Did he walk out on the family? If Andy's mom can be seen wearing a wedding ring, then where did he go? Perhaps Andy is so attached to Woody because it is the last thing that his dad gave to him? Click here for some more detailed theories of where he could be.

Take a look at the full Honest Trailer. It is all in good fun, but it might have you questioning some of what goes on in Toy Story.


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