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Personally, I loved Jurassic World, mainly because it was a pure, unadulterated nostalgia-fest filled to the brim with constant callbacks to the beloved original movies. But there's one HUGE easter egg reference fans have noticed that I totally missed!

Do you remember that annoying, bratty kid from the beginning of Jurassic Park, who was rather skeptical of dinosaurs' true dangers?

Yep, him - the 'volunteer boy' who thinks raptors aren't all that scary, but look like "a 6-foot turkey." Well, some believe that he's actually a younger version of Owen, Chris Pratt's character in the new movie, for reasons that are actually pretty darn convincing...

He gains a newfound respect for the creatures

Dr. Alan Grant, played by Jurassic Park veteran Sam Neill, scared this little cynic silly with his no-holds-barred history lesson.

I mean, take a look at his startled face below - Dr. Grant's razor-sharp talon certainly looks like it made quite the horrifying impression on the young boy:

Anyone got a spare change of underwear?

It's not all that hard to imagine how this kid would grow up to become fascinated by raptors, inspired by his traumatizing archaeological experience.

And there's more evidence supporting this mind-blowing cross-movie thesis! Watch the scene below, paying particularly close attention to Neill's dialogue:

"Show a little respect," he says. Hang on, don't those words ring a bell? Now watch the clip below from Jurassic World, and pay attention to Chris Pratt's deja-vu inducing opening words:

That's right - "a relationship based on respect." So he picked up that crucial lesson as a child, taking it with him into adulthood. Remember, Owen is the biggest proponent for treating the pre-historic captives of Jurassic World with the reverence and respect such clever girls deserve.

That's because he knows what they're capable of, having been taught an unforgettable, life-scarring lesson by Grant.

Their ages (almost) match up

This awesome theory has some legitimate weight to it, too. Chris Pratt is only a year younger than Whit Hertford, who played the 'volunteer kid.' Their ages seem to match up, so it's certainly possible they are in fact the same dude.

But what does the director have to say?

When Slashfilm asked Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow about the veracity of this theory, he remained noncommittal on the matter, replying:

I'm not sure I want to answer because the speculation is so much fun. Let's not kill the fun.

However, one person who isn't staying quiet on the debate is the boy from Jurassic Park himself, Whit Hertford:

It seems the actor is quite protective over his place in the Jurassic canon, and who can blame him really? However, the inference that he ultimately bloomed into the hot stud that is Chris Pratt during adolescence is not a bad compliment at all.

What do you think? Did this annoying kid from Jurassic Park grow up to be the skilled raptor trainer in Jurassic World?


Do you buy this theory?

[Source: SlashFilm]


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