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So last week, as a 26 year old man, I decided to buy a skateboard (I kind of live in a city where skateboarding as a 26 year old isn't that lame). It was the first time I had stood on one since about 2007, and you could tell. I was pretty crap.

With this in mind, I might keep my skateboard antics limited to place where I first discovered them: video games. That's right, I was one of those annoying kids who only got into skating because I had played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - and played it I did. In fact, I played it so much I managed to got the highest score in the WORLD for the Airport level on THPS 3 - at least, according to some magazine I submitted my score to anyway. I'm still waiting to hear from the Guinness Book of Records...

Anyway, it's been a while since a truly good Tony Hawk's game has been on the market. In fact, ever since the Underground games, the series has pretty much declined into obscurity, with games such as Ride and Shred being panned by both audiences and critics.

However, it looks like Hawk is trying to defibrillate the entire series by returning to where it all started: the Pro Skater series. We've known about Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 for sometime, but with E3 in full swing, we've got our first look at gameplay, as well as a release date. Check out the footage, with some commentary of Hawk himself, below:

Umm yeah.... The reaction to this footage hasn't exactly been stellar, that's for sure. Which is a shame, because Hawk clearly has a lot of passion for the franchise.

Many of the commenters have been questioning the apparently poor graphics (this is for next-gen consoles after all), as well as the clunky movement, 'cartoon-ey elements' and odd physics. I have to say, I do kind of agree, although it is hard to judge the entire game on only a minute and half of footage. It is worth mentioning though, that THPS 5 is made by Robomodo, the studio behind the aforementioned Ride and Shred, and not NeverSoft, the now defunct studio who developed the classic Tony Hawk games.

Some die hard fans have defended the footage by claiming the game is still in development and this isn't representative of the finished product. I hope this is the case, but since the game is actually releasing in three months, it's probably not.

So, on second thoughts, maybe I will give real skateboarding another try...

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 will release on PS4 and XBox One on September 29th. It will also eventually release on PS3 and Xbox360, although an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

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