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Back in the early 1990s, when The Rock was simply known as Dwayne Johnson, he was an American footballer who had just been given a scholarship to the University of Miami. Set to be a star in the NFL, he tragically had to withdraw when a knee-injury put him out of order.

During his attempts to become a professional wrestler, five years later, young Dwayne spent time sleeping on a mattress he had found on the side walk and not with a penny to his name. Back then, he knew he was in a bad situation but he always had the hope that one day he wouldn't be.

And he was right. Today, Dwayne, or better known as 'The Rock,' is one of the most recognisable faces and highest paid actors on the planet.

Yet, how did he get to where he is today and how much does he actually earn?

After he was spotted and picked by the WWE, Dwayne made his debut in November 1996 as Rocky Maivia. He then changed his name to The Rock and that's when his success really began.

By 1998, he was earning contracts of more than $1 million and with time, it rose to $2 million per year.

Yet, when he began dabbling in movies is what really brought in the big money. In fact, with The Scorpion King in 2003, he received the highest paid movie debut in history with $5 million. Take a look at him in action in the trailer here:

And from that moment on, it only got better and better. For example, for The Rundown, he got $12 million and Walking Tall scored him a very welcome $15 million.

Then following a few years of being part of mediocre family movies such as Race to Witch Mountain and Get Smart, he finally made a hilarious cameo in The Other Guys, which pulled him back up to the stratospheric fame he had had before.

The Fast and Furious era

When the franchise hired The Rock to play Agent Luke Hobbs, he took a hefty cut from the $600 million profits at the box office with a pay-check of $36 million.

On average, he now commands at least $20 million per movie and considering he has been in so many lately, his bank account must be overflowing.

And that's not all. In 2011, he returned to WWE after being away for 7 years. Check out the epic clip documenting the moment:

Because the return brought the WWE Universe so much profit, they were very glad to give The Rock a three-year contract worth $3.5 million per year. And that's just part-time!

In addition to this, he cashes in a delicious 7% bonus for any high merchandise sales that are made. Not bad!

Ultimately, it must be a pretty good thing to be The Rock right now. So much so, in fact, that in 2014, he was rated the second highest grossing actor of 2014 - last year, he earned over $52 million. Wow!

And the best part is - that doesn't even come close to his net worth of $150 million.



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