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Now, when it comes to DC themed clothing, it's fair to say that the past few years have been...controversial. Between the countless examples of 'sexy' Superman costumes for ladies, which essentially consist of undergarments dyed blue, and a number of officially licensed designs carrying lines like "Training to Be Batman's Wife", the company has been up to its neck in (pretty darned reasonable) controversy for a while now.

As a result, though, whenever a clothing company comes out with a line that's a little more inventive - and doesn't rely on an oddly traditional and sexist message - it's very much worth taking a closer look at.

Cue the Australian clothing company:

Black Milk, and its Surprisingly Practical Superhero Clothing

Admittedly, it all kicks off in kind of a similar vein to the usual 'sexy' superhero stuff with a:

Batman Cape Suit

Which, just throwing it out there, is really more a Batgirl suit at this point - unless there was a surprisingly progressive animated series that I completely missed.

Similarly, the...

Superman Cape Suit really more of a Supergirl costume than anything else, since Clark definitely doesn't have the hips to pull that one off.

Of course, when it comes to the...

Wonder Woman Cape Suit

...the biggest question is more about why the heck Wonder Woman would even have a cape in the first place - something, to be honest, I've been wondering for years.

Soon, though, Black Milk's range moves more in the direction of 'way too kick-ass' with its:

Harley Quinn Reversible Skater Dress

Which is not only awesome, but something you can actually wear out to a non-costume party event - if so inclined.

Just like the...

Batman Comic Leggings

...that are actually just super cool, and surprisingly practical for day to day life.

Meanwhile, the...

Killing Joke GF Bomber actually downright badass (especially if rocked out with some kick-ass ripped up jeans or one of those skater dresses).

And don't even get me started on...

The Riddler Leggings

...which clearly work even outside of their comic book context.

So would...

The Riddler Skater Dress

...which is bound to prompt a whole lot of questions - chief among them most likely, "where did you get that awesome dress?"

The best part? You can order your own right here (even if you don't live in Australia).

What do you reckon, though?

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