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Small facts

So the first thing I want to say abot this game is that the graphics are just awesome. They definitely have improoved the graphics and added some upgrades to the new battelfield hardline game. The main reason that they did not so well is that in their trailler they made the game look super serious which turns out to be the oposit it looks more like a game for fun.

Beware PC players

If you are a PC player you should better not buy this game because their are not many servers that are available because most of the players are playing on Battelfield 4 and would rather wait for the new game battelfront, if you want to play then better on console such as the PS4 (PlayStation4) and the Xbox One.

Multiplayer experience

Let's talk about the the multiplayer experience that I had. The first comment that I want to add about the multiplayer is that the game is more fast past this game would be more easy for the players that come from the COD (Call Of Duty) series.

Weapon selection

The weapon selection is really small in Battelfield 4 had in each class 4 types of weapon goups and each class had his own weapon group for example Assault have assault guns Engineer have PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Support have LMG (Light Mashine Gun) Recon have Snipers. In Battelfield Hardline each class has a selection of 20 guns (inlcuding secondary weapons and unlock weapons) in each class which is not a big choice of guns if you ask me.

Some good changes

Again a positive side ist that in Hardline is you don't need to wait so much to get a weapon that you really want you can just save up and buy your self a good gun. A nother thing that Hardline did better then Battelfield 4 is the fact that the vehicles are not so OP (Over Powered) now they can be destroyed by any gun in the game from Stingers to Pistols which makes the game a bit easier. And in the single player I liked the new features that they added

Some bad changes

The negative things that battelfield did not so well is that they excluded some game modes that where pretty fun to play such as Rush, Obliteration and others and replaced them with new ones that are not so fun to play. The single player is just boring, sometimes I felt that they did not want you to skip the cutscenes because they want to make the game look longer and makes the single player really boring. Also the feeling that its is a cops and robers kind of game dose not sound really like a Battelfield game.


Battelfield Hardline has potential and is a fun game to play it feels like a mixture of COD and Battelfield which means that is good for a Battelfield players and COD players. If you like games just because you are having fun (which you normaly should do) and only care to play new games then this would probably be the game for you. If you are a player that likes to play team games (which battelfield can also have) and is more strategic and you are more into a big war the Battelfield 4 is more for you. So Battelfield Hardline is a good game and would give it a 6/10 so both games are good however it is still your choice of what game style you more like.

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