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THE DISASTER: A plot amongst the sith and Borg to control "anchor" planets in the universe which prevent the eventual heat death of the universe, in an effort to gain final and ultimate control over the Jedi, and the Federation.

Team 1: Federation / Crew of the USS Enterprise

Team 2: Jedi Council / Jedi Warriors


Star trek vs Star Wars, fighting the ultimate heat death of the universe.

Facing almost certain destruction from a full on battle having taken heavy damage from Klingon and Romulan warships the USS Enterprise ducks into an uncharted wormhole which spits them far out into the unknown spaces beyond the Delta Quadrant. Far Far out into the unknown spaces. Once the crew of the USS Enterprise reaches the other end of the wormhole they find themselves ejected out amongst a dead battlefield in space, as if a battle had been long since fought and frozen in time. Scanners indicating no life, and unusual readings as if gravity and time had become thin. After scavenging what parts they could find from the debris they set out. As weak and sparse as the readings are they decide to navigate deeper into the unknown space and attempt to find contact with benevolent forces. Traveling for hours at warp speed the signals indicate no signs of life and the unusual readings become more and more frequent. As the endless expanse of space folds out in all directions the chief engineer sends an announcement to the captain informing the ship is in good condition and that a beacon which had been found had been deciphered indicating a base of operations for a people called the Jedi captain announces to the crew that their best hope is to seek out these peacekeepers and attempt to find a way home. The crew adjusts course and begins on their journey to the new base. Along the way their readings become more and more obscure and about a day into the journey the ship's course tangentially crosses one of the zones of fluctuation and stalls. The life support begins quickly draining from the ship, severe reactions in some parts of the ship begin to pile up. As the ship becomes more and more endangered a communication burst reaches the communications officer, suddenly the ship lurches forward as if rammed at light speed by an invisible wall, and is forced clear of the field. The chief engineer announces a stabilization in the ships life support, and the communications officer alerts the captain they have been contacted by the Jedi. A moderate sized ship approaches the Enterprise and they together travel back to the Jedi council. Having explained their situation, and established peaceful terms, the crew informs the council of the abnormal readings and discovers that in their attempt to once and for all bring absolute control over the Jedi the Sith have found a way to speed the eventual entropy of the universe. Having heard of legends of sacred anchor points in the universe which perpetuate its existence the Jedi and crew of the Enterprise head out to discover the location of these points in the universe. Suspecting the Sith of utilizing superior technology to seize control of these anchors the crew of the Enterprise fear the worst, heading towards the fabled corners of the universe they continually find more and more signs that Borg technology may be involved. Once they arrive upon their first planet they engage in an all-out battle between Jedi and Sith, and the crew of the enterprise and the Borg. In the process of the battle a Jedi is taken by the Borg, and assimilated. The Jedi and Enterprise gain the upper hand in battle however and force their opponents to flee. Setting out in the direction of the next anchor, the battle is won, but the war wages over six planets and on the seventh the final planet the Jedi who was assimilated by the Borg, her control over the force and her crew of Borg have all become much more powerful, The final planet is, in fact, the Sith homeworld. The final battle wages for many weeks and in the fire and panic the last hope for the Jedi, the galaxy and even the universe hinges upon the mutual collapse of the Jedi, the Sith, and the Borg. In the end, the Jedi use all of their control over the force to unify with the Sith, become enveloped by the Borg, and ultimately find singularity with the universe. Thus ending the Sith, the Borg, and the Jedi. In the aftermath the crew of the Enterprise return to the homeworld of the once Jedi Council, find a path to return home to the Alpha quadrant, and with the people of the Universe safe, they set out to explore the rest of the unknown universe.


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