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Celebrities in mega blockbuster films and with huge modelling or musical careers all seem like they're on top of the world, but each one has their own specific origin, and recently it was pointed out to me (by my mum) that a lot of them are in Australian Soap Operas like Neighbours or Home and Away. Personally I've never watched any soaps, and honestly didn't know that Neighbours was Australian until she told me, but when I looked at the sheer volume of talent to come out of these shows, I couldn't help but write about it.

1. Russell Crowe (Neighbours)

That's right, before Gladiator, Robin Hood, Master and Commander and L.A Confidential, Russell Crowe was a guest star on several episodes of Neighbours in 1987. He was also Superman's Dad in Man of Steel, and you may see a trend start emerging as we move through this list.

2. Chris Hemsworth (Home and Away and Neighbours)

Before he was the God of Thunder, he just sat around his beach house all day. Chris Hemsworth starred in 188 episodes of Home and Away. Interestingly, before even that, his very first acting credit was for a single episode of Neighbours. Another superhero actor, see the trend yet?

3. Liam Hemsworth (Neighbours)

That haircut is... certainly different. Before he became one of the many people trying to get Jennifer Lawrence (that includes myself) Liam Hemsworth copied in his big brother's footsteps by appearing on Neighbours, although he starred in 25 episodes instead of Chris's one.

4. Isla Fisher (Home and Away)

Oh Isla Fisher. What a woman. Anyway, before starring in Now You See Me and Rise of the Guardians, the brilliant Isla was in a stunning 349 episodes of Home and Away! That's a massive commitment!

5. Guy Pearce (Neighbours)

Before he was in Memento, L.A Confidential (With Russell Crowe) or in Iron Man 3 as Aldrich Killian (another superhero actor), Guy Pearce was in... wait for it... 443 episodes of Neighbours! Wow! That's a lot of episodes!

6. Isabel Lucas

After 256 episodes of Home and Away, Isabel Lucas went on to star in "The Water Diviner" with Russell Crowe and "Red Dawn" with Chris Hemsworth. Definitely likes sticking closer to home.

7. Kylie Minogue (Neighbours)

You probably already knew about this one, but I'll do it anyway. Kylie Minogue was in 333 episodes of Neighbours before moving on to mega stardom in the music industry, as well as roles in films like Moulin Rouge and San Andreas!

8. Julian McMahon (Home and Away)

Before starring as Cole/Balthazar in Charmed and Dr Doom in the Fantastic Four films (Not the Reboot), Julian McMahon was in 145 episodes of Home and Away. Another superhero actor? Hm...

9. Margot Robbie (Neighbours)

If any of you are thinking she doesn't look all that different, it's because she only finished starring in neighbours in 2011! She starred in 311 episodes as Donna Freedman, before moving on to become... wait for it... Harley Quinn in next year's Suicide Squad! If you think the whole superhero thing is getting boring... just wait for it...

10. Heath Ledger (Home and Away)

Just to round off I thought I would stick in Harley Quinn and her Boyfriend. Heath Ledger was in 10 episodes of Home and Away when he struggled early in his career, before launching into Brokeback Mountain, 10 things I hate about you and of course as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Did these ten surprise you? Or are you an Australian Soap opera buff? Let us know in the comments.


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