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With a sense of sunny optimism and a healthy dose of charisma, Melissa Benoist burst onto the scene only a few years ago and began her steady ascent into the spotlight. Her talent and drive were unmistakable when she blew away Ryan Murphy and landed the coveted role of Marley Rose on Glee. While cutting her teeth on her first big part (and quickly getting promoted to series regular), Benoist showed off incredible singing chops and impeccable delivery.

Her minor role in Whiplash harkened back to Rooney Mara’s memorable introduction in The Social Network, which has become something of a standard for scene-stealing. Benoist took what could have been a thankless or forgettable part and grounded the entire story in tangible, heartbreaking emotions. It was the first time many of us saw her perform, but it was immediately apparent that it wouldn’t be the last. Now, Benoist is making her way to center stage in truly super fashion.

Later this year, she’ll be joining fellow Glee alum Grant Gustin in making the transition to DC’s slate of superhero television shows. As Kara Zor-El, more commonly known as Supergirl, the young actress will have the chance to embody an iconic character and headline a major primetime series. If the critical success and fan response of The Flash and Arrow are any indicator, this is nothing short of a golden opportunity for the spunky Benoist to show off her power of infectious charm and become a role model for girls everywhere. Just as Kara will soon discover her fledgling abilities and inner strength, Supergirl offers Benoist the opportunity to find her own path to greatness.

She may be a relatively new face on our screens, but Melissa Benoist is already commanding attention with her captivating presence and downright likable attitude. She adds an effervescent energy to every role she takes, and that appeal is only bolstered by impeccable comedic timing. With talent and magnetism like hers, it’s no doubt that Benoist is about to take flight into the Hollywood stratosphere in 2015.


Melissa Benoist has an infectious charm that makes every scene she’s in a little better, a little brighter; you just feel good watching her. She's best known from her roles of Marley Rose on Glee and Nicole in Whiplash. Her new series, Supergirl, premieres on CBS this fall. (Image credit: Supergirl/CBS)


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