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Daniyal Maqbool

As we all are excited for the movie itself and we all know the exciting part of the movie will be the Battle between Supes and Batsy. And DC showed us a glimpse of both on the Battlefield ( the whole do you bleed ?thing) . There appears a Question Where is Aquaman, and Wonder Woman ??

Starting from the Aquaman , DC surely have made some move by casting Jason Mamoa as The Atlantis King , and I am very sure you've liked the costume of Aquaman . But where will he be in this film? Rumors suggest that he should be in some captivity, but where? Who dares to caged the ATLANTIS KING? Answer is simple it maybe Amanda Waller or Lex Luthor . But what if he isn't in the cage? I think he'll be living quitely until he founds out there is Superman and he has destroyed the while city , and that'll take us to flash back where Clark kent in the ocean . ( I know its pretty dumb )

Wonderwoman will be also in her world until she finds out a threat ,which is Superman, But soon she'll finds out that Supes was trying to save the city and a good guy and there's a great threat coming in their way( as the synopsis says). Then she'll try to stop THE DARK KNIGHT to kill supes( he won't It's like his one rule) But he'll make him Weak . Then comes the Doomsday ( that'll be kickass) or Lex Luthor in his armed Suit . And then THE TRINITY will fight to save the world.

I Know its not that good and it needs alot of work . But this could happen .


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