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The name "Call of Duty" carries so many connotations within and outside of the gaming community. Gamers make fun of it (while secretly playing it), analysts are dumbfounded by it and critics (except for IGN) tear into it. But the power of Call of Duty as a franchise is undeniable and for the last few years we've been bombarded with release after release, either within the Modern Warfare sub-franchise or the Black Ops sub-franchise.

Personally, even though I played Advanced Warfare, the series reached its highpoint with Modern Warfare 2 and I've yet to enjoy one of these games to the same extent since. But even when we get something like the appalling Call of Duty: Ghosts, it's still a lot of fun to play as Activision maintains firm control over the seminal FPS in the business. But which series is interesting you more at the moment? And will you be looking forward to Advanced Warfare 2 as much as Black Ops 3?

Advanced Warfare
Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 vs Black Ops 3

To be honest - not that I'm the biggest Call of Duty fan, even though I've played every instalment - I was really disappointed by the direction that Black Ops 3 took. What's to separate this series from the direction we saw Advanced Warfare undertake? To me, Black Ops represented a darker and more traditional war game. I don't think I've played a more terrifying war scene then I did in the trenches of Vietnam.

Now it seems that Activision is happy to pump out two futuristic franchises right next to one another. I feel like we're being given Advanced Warfare 2 under the guise of Black Ops 3. I may be alone in seeing this and I know that Black Ops 3 has a lot of improvements on top of the model that Advanced Warfare gave us last year, but the setting is undeniably similar. They seem to have taken Titanfall, Deus Ex and Call of Duty then thrown them all together into a chaotic mess.

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Is Zombies Enough for Advanced Warfare 2 & Black Ops 3?

I don't think anyone making these games has done a good a job as Infinity Studios did with the spec ops missions within Modern Warfare 2 - I still play them on the PS3! Of course, the zombie missions are fantastic but I still feel like a mode is missing since Activision hasn't reintroduced something as good as Spec Ops. We don't play Call of Duty for their campaigns - mainly due to how terrible they can be. But I still loved how the atmosphere shifted from Modern Warfare to the dark exploration of wars mankind has fought in the past.

Am I the only one lamenting this evolution? Are you guys happy with the direction the Call of Duty franchise has gone? Be sure to let us know what you think of Black Ops 3 in the comments and what Advanced Warfare 2 needs to have. And of course, let us know which series you've preferred over the years!


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