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Hulu has stepped right in where Netflix could not capitalize.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant, which has changed how viewers watch television. The company is writing the future of TV while boasting that no organization matches its pricing and catalog of entertainment offerings. With this said and done, many organizations have started in an attempt to battle Netflix in the streaming industry. Hulu is one of them that are bringing its game to compete the streaming giant. It is believed that not only Hulu is buying rights of top shows but it is expected to provide best catalog eventually to its viewers as well.

Recently, 21st Century Fox made its latest TV drama ‘Empire’ available for online video rights in the beginning of this year and Netflix was not content with the decision. According to the streaming service, it is believed that Fox has devalued Empire by making it first season available on its cable video on demand service. Hence, Netflix asked and hoped for a discount if Fox wishes to continue.

This is where Hulu plays its very important step to turn up the heat in disagreement. The new company is a rival to Netflix and it agreed to pay more than what the streaming giant was paying for the TV drama ‘Empire’. Furthermore, Hulu did not have issues with stacking up episodes as well, which Fox appreciated.

Fox believed that stacking episodes help to build the audience of the show by letting viewers to catch up with the series. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The ‘Empire’ deal is just one example of how Hulu is catering to the wishes of traditional television giants—and securing deals with some high-profile content producers. AMC Networks Inc., Time Warner Inc.’s Turner Broadcasting, 21st Century Fox’s FX Networks, and Discovery Communications Inc. are among the companies that have struck big content-licensing deals with Hulu in recent months.”

Hulu is quite friendly with the TV industry of United States and there is no surprise in that it is a joint project of Comcast Corporation’s NBC Universal, 21st Century Fox, and Walt Disney Co. The streaming service was launched more than seven years ago and offered a free but ad supported platform for streaming television shows. This was done in order to battle against online piracy and any threats revolving around it.

Irrespective of the fact that the rising company has faced many difficulties with its parent companies, they are now satisfied with how the streaming service is moving ahead. According to the co-chairman of Fox Television Group, Gary Newman, stated on Hulu’s decision to accept stacking episodes, “It’s a very synergistic relationship.”


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