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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
Gabriel Stropes

1. Jurassic World

The best movie I ever seen so far this year which was far exciting and fun movie with suspense and dry humor included. I was the huge fan of Jurassic park trilogy and I watched them many time. I rewatched last three before Jurassic World showing. I became more atrracted to this movie with all new generation and modern technology they came up with. We known Chris Pratt from Guardian of the Galaxy. This movie is like another semi monster movie, half is dinosaur and another half is hybrid dinosaur was created and called Indominus Rex, it is never exist from million years ago. That is what make it interesting fun movie.

2.Avengers:Age of Ultron

It is the second best because of Vision. He is the best part of the movie and I enjoyed how his story played out throughout movie. I also like how Hawkeye have his own spotlight feel to it because he was taken away from Loki and acted like slave. It is pretty good that show Hawkeye and his life with most beautiful wife, the actress who known as playing Velma in Scooby Doo, it show more of his character. This movie have some hint for Black Panther's existance when introducing Ulysee Klause. How the twins seen their belief from Ultron to Avengers side.

3. Fast and Furious 7

It was huge honor for Paul Walker's death and played like memorial hero type of Paul Walker turned out along with his loyalty team. It is true sequel to Fast and the furious tokyo drift after han's death in the third movie and gave more depth to the story. This is Paul Walker's character movie series finale that wraps up his character to sendoff goodbye in peace. Many people think it is final chapter to the movie. It is complete up to the fans if they want to stop after this, or continue to watch Furious 8 to respect his character's presence among with his team. This movie have huge team up feel to it as same feel as The Avengers. That what make it great film.

Rest of this year I am looking forward to:

Antman -July

I love Paul Rudd from Halloween 6 then it took a while for him to do serious role since he done comedy way too much over time, but I doo like him in some comedy like Role Model and This is 40. This movie would be great opportunity for him to take one step into Superhero life and Marvel cinematic universe along with Iron Man and many others. Antman is original team member of the avengers team. They twist the story around with Hank Pym being older while Paul Rudd play scott Lang. It would be interesting and dun movie to watch.

Sinister 2-August

This is one of my favorite horror movie came out in 2012 and Bagul had become new iconic horror villain along with Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface,etc. This movie take place after first movie and look forward what he up to next.


This movie looks chilling suspense adventure movie with climbers climb it way up in the mountain. We had couple old movie and this is new updated and modern technology. This movie would take us huge experience feel to it as such like feel like we are there with them right in the mind. That is what make it more exciting.

Maze Runner:The Scorch Trial-September

This movie is sequel to the first movie and next popular young adult book based movie after Harry Potter, twilight, Hunger Games, and Divergent. This is more simple story with charcter going through obstacles and find it life through out no matter how difficult and how failure will get,but always find a way out.

Paranormal Activity 5-October

This is sequel to fourth movie. This movie is pretty interesting because it tells spooky story around certain character and how it connect to other characters with demons and witchcrafts. This is true supernatural type of mystery that make us think and how will it wrap up the story. I want to see how it ends on high note.

Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 2-November

This is grand finale to the popular book and it will be third time, but my second time because I am not crazy about twilight like many people do. I am huge fan of Harry Potter and it had huge event. Hunger Game will follow the same treatment from Harry Potter. I personally have not read the book,but willing like to see for myself how it plays out through the end.

Star Wars 7:Force Awakens-December

I am huge fan of star wars. Star Wars have gave us huge universe through out movies,books,comic books, and video games. Now, they are continuing new story what happen after star war 6 in many years. I am so look forward how does it like with all new technology we have now and apply it to the movie. It make us think is it very different from prequel trilogy or not. I am hoping for it nonstop action feel to it,but give good timing for character development.

Sound off below on what u think? What is your best three movie of 2015 so far u seen and what is your next movies to look forward to?


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