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So I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and I got my A theory but it is insane and it makes some sense but not that much .....but still I think it is very good theory it includes everything that we now until now ...Here it goes.

We know (guessing) that A is Charles and he is brother of Alison and Jason but I think that Charles is Jason's twin...So if Charles is Jason's twin Why he is not in the same family with them ? Why is he given away ? First may be Ali have twin too ,and I think it is Sara so Sara and Charles are sand for adoptions and got adopted but not in the same family....Charles was alder so he know that he is adopted and he was sad and jealous of Alison and Jason but he only decided to mess with Ali because she have friends that are so close and he don't have friends only adopted family and he is crazy so yeah.......He know about Ali twin Sara so he took her and made her safer for 2 years because he reminds him of Ali sister who always get what she wants.

In this picture we see that Charles have long hair and I remember one character whit long hair from first season it was .....Alex Spencer's boyfriend who after they broke up never shows up again....But why he was whit Spencer ?? Well I think because he can watch Alison and girls...

So where Charles got adopted ?? I think he got adopted by Dr.Sullivan .. Why her?Well she is the only one who care so much about girls and I think the reason is because her adopted son Charles makes her do that because he is going to kill her if she don't do that ..

Yeah I know pretty crazy to think about that but it is part of my theory ...I put Wren in my story too because I think he is real son of Dr.Sullivan and his half brother makes him keep eye on Spencer , Ali and girls... Just think about that for a second it makes really good sense.

What about Melissa and all people who we thought they were A ? I have theory for that too I think Melissa find out about Wren so he made her not to tell anyone about that because someone is going to get hurt badly.....And then there is Lucas but I think that he is just there because well he hated Ali and he was in love with Hanna so he helped Mona about messing whit Alison but nothing more.

No I didn't forgot about Jenna.......I think that Shana was just her friend and her love is Charles because he hate Ali so bad just like she hate her...So yeah I thik Jenna is helping Charles in any way she can..And she acts that she can't see but she can see so she can help Charles even more..

That is just my theory it can changed at the time we find out more or it can grow into realty at PLL... Who knows?

I hope you liked my theory and if you wont hear rest of theory about all characters on PLL write it down in comments and I am going to make another post about it or you can make your own theory right now.....


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