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Dimension films and Trancas International Films announced that a new sequel is coming out and it's title is «Halloween Returns». The director of the movie is Marcus Dunstan(The Collector 1&2).Patrick Melton will be the screenwriter.The cast is still unknown.About «Halloween Returns» the represent of The Weinstein Company & Dimension Films stated the following:

Michael Myers did his break for a long time from the big screen and fans are waiting for his return for a long time. We are excited abou our parnetship with the Trancas and are looking forward to show to the public world one of the scariest movies of this classic franchise.

The plot is about a 13 years old kid of a victim of Michael Myres and the son of a policeman who is obssesed with Myres,and both kids are ready to witness the execution of Michael.But Myres manages to escape and the two kids and their friends are now in danger.

The movie will come out in 2016 and it will be the 3rd instalment to the previous 2 films by Rob Zombie.


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