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After I pack up my lunch for the day, I bid my feisty, yet adorable chinchilla Marley adieu as I rush out the door and to my car in order to get to work on time. Sometimes while I am driving, I wonder what my precious chinch is doing all day while I'm gone.

Of course, I'm sure she bounces around her tall cage. Perhaps nibbles on the Timothy hay and pellets every so often, then takes a long nap because chinchilla life is so hard.

Marley's doppelgänger
Marley's doppelgänger

But then my imagination goes wild. Perhaps she knows how to get out of her cage, run over the the balcony, and let in her squirrel friends. Maybe she'll pop in a vinyl, sneakily steal a banana from me and eat that up, and then chew on all my wood furniture to her heart's content.

The Secret Lives of Pets shows us just what our beloved furry and scaly friends are up to once we walk out our doors. Check out the comical trailer below. I found myself chuckling the entire time:

This animated film tells us all about the hilarity our pets get into while we are out. Some pretend they're flying through the canyons with space aircrafts,

while others enjoy a nice back scratch with a Kitchen-Aid,

and some even headbang while blasting some rocking metal music.

The film will be released next summer and features the voices of some of our funniest actors, including Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress and Albert Brooks.

Marley's other doppelgänger
Marley's other doppelgänger

I am incredibly excited for this feel-good animation. The trailer alone has given me the idea of videotaping my lovely furball when I'm out of the house. Something tells me I'm going to capture some really adorable and comical moments of my fiery baby girl.



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