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Super Mario maker is Nintendo's attempt at celebrating Mario's 30th anniversary and while this game may not have been what we were waiting for... It certainly strikes me as a game worth playing.

Super Mario Maker essentially allows players to create there own super mario levels by using a Wii U GamePad or a 3Ds to drag and drop and customize enemies, blocks, landscapes and more. This game will then allow players to upload their creations to make them playable by everyone, so long they can beat their own creation.

The Game shall allow testing the level to be extremely easy, and will give players a choice of what Mario "version" they would like to play. Among these are the layouts for The Original Super Mario Game, Super Mario Bros 2, 3 and Super Mario Bros U.

The ease at which the levels are created, and the huge selection of enemies, the uploading maps, and of course the countless Easter Eggs that can be accessed through rapidly moving the stylus, as well as the amiibo compatibility make the game certainly something to look forwards to.

Here's the Trailer for the Game if you missed it during E3;


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