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It's been over a week since Sir Christopher Lee has died but that should not stop us from remembering him by reading some awesome facts about him.

1. Sir Christopher Lee is the only cast member from The Lord Of The Rings to have actually met J.R.R Tolkien.

2. Sir Christopher Lee might not be the tallest actor in Hollywood but The Guinness Book Of World Records has named him the tallest leading actor.

3. During the filming of the Lord Of The Rings he explained in great detail to Peter Jackson how it sounds when somebody gets stabbed in the back since he had experience in the war.

4. When Sir Christopher Lee was 17 he saw the death of a murderer called Eugen Weidmann. The execution took place in Paris and Eugen Weidmann was the last man to be publicly executed by a guillotine.

5. Sir Christopher Lee was the step cousin of the writer of the Bond novels, Ian Fleming.

6. Ian Fleming wanted his step cousin to play the role of Dr.No in the first James Bond film.

7. He is a descendant from a royal family.

8. He was a spy during World War II.

9. Some people say that he was the inspiration for James Bond.

10. He claimed that every year he reread The Lord Of The Rings novels.

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