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With the Twilight series over, Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer are probably not spending as much time together nowadays. That's why we were smiling ear to ear when the two were reunited at Women in Film's 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards this past Tuesday.

The two also revealed the six new female directors that will create six new Twilight mini-films.

The new voices of the Twilight Saga will be represented by Kailey and Sam Spear, Maja Fernqvist, Lindsey Hancock Williamson, Amanda Tasse, Nicole Eckenroad, and Yulin Kuang.

This is a perfect opportunity to give women more of a voice in the industry, and the fact that Stewart and Meyer are backing up these breakout directors makes me excited to see the supportive and loving environment they have created for these women.

It is inspirational and powerful to see these two grow into strong women who are encouraging female filmmakers as well as giving them the opportunity to tell their stories.

They have come along way since the beginning of Twilight, which was seen as more of a teen love story between a girl and a vampire than anything else, but, Twilight has grown into something much more.

Remember these fresh faces from seven years ago?

[Source: MTV]


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