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After becoming a national bestseller and a recordbreaking movie, it's no surprise that fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are eager for more. At the request of her fans, E.L. James released a new book today that expands further from the Fifty Shades universe.

Instead of seeing things through the eyes of the innocent submissive Anastasia Steele, Grey takes us through their torrid romance through the eyes of the stoic young billionaire, Christian Grey.

If you're too busy to give Grey your full attention but still want to read over the naughty bits, EW's Tina Jordan and Jessica Goodman, beautiful souls that they are, have documented every sexy scene of Grey and the corresponding page numbers.

By creating this sex index (sex-dex?) now we all know just where to look. Let's be honest, that's all some of us are here for anyway, right?

So venture with me to the depths of Christian Grey's psyche and back into the Red Room of Pain, if you dare. If you're not into explicit and salacious text, read no further because this stuff is definitely for a more mature crowd.

So, where are all of the sex scenes from Grey and what do they sound like from Christian's perspective? Let's find out!

Ana loses her virginity: “Should I be gentle and prolong the agony, or do I go for it?” (p. 104)
Approximately a minute later, Ana has sex for a second time: “Hmmmm…I could get used to this.” (p. 111)
Ana performs her first blow job: “ ‘Don’t you have a gag reflex?’ I marvel at her as I catch my breath.” (p. 125-6)
Christian ties Ana up for the first time: “If you spill the wine, I won’t let you come!” (p. 166)
Ana’s second blow job…and then more sex: “So bold, ma’am.” (p. 248)
Ana’s first spanking: “Her ass is pinking up nicely. It looks glorious.” (p. 258)
Ana’s first time in the Red Room: “With one flick, the leather tongue bites her clitoris and she shouts out in a gargled cry, ‘Oh, please!’” (p. 314)
Christian shackles her to the bedpost: “’Don’t let go. If you do, I’ll spank you.’” (p. 318)
Sex in the boathouse: “Yessss. I come quickly, losing all reason as I explode inside her. I still. Filling her. Owning her. Reminding her that she’s mine.” (p. 336)
Ana’s first experience with Ben Wa balls: “Gently, I slide the first ball into her, then the second, leaving the tag outside, draped against her clitoris. I kiss her bare ass and slide her panties back into place.” (p. 349)
Sex on Christian’s desk: “How the hell can she just waltz into my study and seduce me? (p. 358)
That tampon scene: “ ‘When did you start your period, Anastasia?’” (p. 419)
Hotel bathroom sex: “ ‘I’m going to have you now,’ I declare, and I lift her so that my erection is poised beneath her. ‘Ready?’” (p. 426)
More Bathroom sex, this time at Christian’s place: “My tongue torments her, and she moans and tips her head back against the wall.” (p. 477)
Even more bathroom sex: “Put your hands on the wall, Anastasia. I’m going to take you now,’ I whisper, and with a startled glance at me, she splays her hands on the tiles.” (p. 480)
Pleasure by rabbit fur glove, followed by shackles and a blindfold: “She lays on the bed, helpless, her skin pretty in pink, and she’s panting, too.” (p. 486)
Christian whips Ana with a belt: “Her anger crashes over me like a tidal wave.” (p. 504)

For some reason when I read Fifty Shades of Grey I thought there were way more sex scenes. But I guess for a novel that clocks in just over 500 pages, 17 intimate scenes does seem like a bit higher than average.

This got me to thinking about what else they did in the few weeks they knew each other in the first book:

Official counter of the number of times Christian...

Had sex in a bathroom: 3

Used toys: 5

Pulled out Ana's tampon: 1 (and thank goodness it's not more)

Interesting stuff! Whether you choose to actually read the book, give it an ironic skim, sift through everything in the sexy excerpts, or ignore its existence completely, there's no wrong way to enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey.

I guess we'll have to wait until the next book to see what else we can learn about the mysterious and enigmatic Christian Grey. Do you think she'll call it Darker Grey? Probably not, but only time will tell.

(Via: EW)


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