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Mary McMichael

Sweet Tooth was doing a battle in Twisted Metal when out of nowhere pops up the joker. They ended up being the last two to battle it out. The joker had a clown mobile that threw his cards everywhere. This is so that Sweet Tooth would have infinite bad luck. Sweet Tooth shot fire at the joker. The joker's car was now burning. So he got out, what Sweet Tooth didn't realize is that it was a trick. As soon as Sweet Tooth came up to him to make amends because the joker said he surrenders. The joker put a bomb on the ice cream truck. IT ended up exploding to pieces forcing Sweet Tooth to get out of the vehicle. This was the way the joker liked it "Man against Man" not "Vehicle against Vehicle". So then Sweet Tooth had his ax and the joker had other tricks in mind. As Sweet Tooth was coming to confront the joker, the joker pulls out of his sleeve a chain and says "If you want to kill me you will go down with me." Sweet Tooth knew that the joker was sly but he never knew that he would be sly enough to take them both down. Sweet Tooth got closer and closer with an evil smile that they both had on their faces. Sweet Tooth took the ax and tried to kill the joker, but the joker swung out his chain and took the ax away. Sweet Tooth and the joker got their knives out and battled it out. The joker said, "I'll give you a real smile and then you can kill me so you have something worth smiling about." Sweet Tooth said, "Okay deal come and give me something to smile about." The joker never knew that he had a trick up his sleeve too. Sweet Tooth tied the joker to a chair with a rope and he made the jokers face just like his. Sweet Tooth said, "Now we can be twins so then they'll think that I died and they won't know that it was you." Then he said, "I'll make you smile because you're such a clown." So Sweet Tooth sat everything but the joker's face on fire. Then dyed his hair red and put straps on his head that made fire on top. Sweet Tooth cut his finger and put K.O. on the mask only because it would be in his blood so then it would look like he actually died.

Victory For Sweet Tooth!!!


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