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The "Man without Fear" had us binge watching the first season origin story of Matt Murdock. Though the series had a darker tone from what we are used to in the MCU, it also balanced it with a bit of comedy (thank you Foggy Nelson), witty banter and the amazing chemistry between Matt and his friends. From the writing, acting and the superb fight choreography, Daredevil has definitely set the bar high for live action comic book adaptions. Charlie Cox surprised everyone with his version of the blind lawyer who was secretly a masked vigilante fighting crime in the night. The way his abilities were portrayed throughout the show proved to everyone that Daredevil is not one to mess with. The "It looks like a world on fire" bit was a very interesting look on how he put together his senses to "see" the world around him. Though he showcased some insane superhero abilities, we got to see the side of Matt Murdock who made mistakes. That he could not and did not have to face the baddies all on his own. Cue in Claire Temple ,Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson.

People were excited to see the live action version of Night Nurse and wow did Rosario Dawson own the role. Yes it is a bit different from the comics but still a great take on the character. It was comforting to see someone Matt could confide in and trust with his secret. It also helped that she patched him up every time he was injured taking out the bad guys. Karen Page started off as a very vulnerable character (considering the circumstances, she had every right to be), but she grew into a strong character who fought for what she believed in. Deborah Ann Woll was also a great casting choice to play Karen. Since the MCU has changed many things regarding the stories of these characters, hopefully Karen sticks around for the long run. If you read the comics you will know what I'm talking about. Matt Murdock, according to Foggy, usually has his way with the ladies, so it will be interesting to see where his relationships with these two ladies go in the future.

The bromance between Matt and Foggy was amazing. Matt's witty and sarcastic attitude meshed so well with Foggy's goofiness. Meeting in college they promised to become the self proclaimed "Best Damn Avocados at Law" which they did. Though they struggled at the start they proved to be a huge threat to villains of Hell's Kitchen. Even though the revelation of Matt being the masked vigilante that Foggy thought should be locked up put a strain on their relationship, they continued to work together to put a stop to all the crime in Hell's Kitchen. Letting Foggy into the mix gave the Nelson and Murdock team an edge since Matt could tell Foggy what was really going on and why he did what he did. I could not see anyone but Elden Henson playing Foggy. It is nice to see him in a big role since the last I remember seeing him was in the Mighty Duck movies.

Now moving on to the bad guys of the series. The Russians, Nobu, Gao, Leland Owlsey, and Wesley were introduced to us as being part of a group running things around Hell's Kitchen. Though they all showed that they were very dark and dangerous characters in their own way, we would meet the Big Bad four episodes in. Vincent D'Onofrio's take on Wilson Fisk was an interesting one indeed. Even though he isn't a superpowered villain, he is easily the most intimidating and brutal villain we have seen in the MCU. On one side he had you sympathizing with him after learning of his upbringing with an abusive father. Then he terrifies you by decapitating someone with a car door, who interrupted his dinner date with his lady friend Vanessa. With the strength of a brute and genius intellect, Wilson will come back with a vengeance down the line for sure.

The recurring characters on the show were also great to watch because they all actually played a substantial role in the plot. They were not thrown into just to fill in for a story that was lacking something. I can not wait to see more of Vanessa who had to leave her fiance Wilson under his orders and see her transform more into her comic book counterpart. I also love the scenes with Matt and Father Lantom, so hopefully there will be more one on ones between the two in the next seasons. Same goes for Melvin Potter who in the comics is the villain The Gladiator. In the show he was an enemy of Daredevil turned ally after being promised that he would take care of Wilson Fisk. Not to mention he was able to hold his own against him and nearly beat Matt. He is also responsible for hooking Daredevil up with a beautifully designed suit. Ben Ulrich was one character I was not expecting to see bite the dust in the first season, (he played a bigger part in the comics) but Vondie-Curtis Hall did the role justice. We will miss you Ben!

After acknowledging the great writing and acting in the show, let's talk about the fight scenes. Everyone talks about the one shot at the end of Episode 2 which is something that will get anyone pumped. The fact that Daredevil walks into a gun fight with just his fists and senses to come out on top, makes him one of my favorite superheroes. We also have an evolution of his fighting prowess throughout the show. The guy can take a hit and he can dish out even more damage than he's taking. Just ask Nobu, half of the corrupt police force, and Wilson Fisk himself. Even though the one shot is up there in my favorite fight scenes along with the last confrontation with Fisk; I would have to say the scene where he clears a room full of dirty cops and felons all armed with automatic weapons to save Carl Hoffman (another dirty cop) would be my favorite. He also "convinces" the guy to testify against Fisk. All in all this show does fights really well so if that's what we got in just the first season imagine how crazy it will get in later ones.

With Season 2 of Daredevil coming in 2016, the show has done a great job leaving us wanting more and more to be excited about especially with the addition of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. Though we lost some great characters in Season 1 ( Wesley, The Russians, Olwsley, Ben Ulrich, Nobu) half of whom were taken out by Fisk himself, we still have a lot to look forward to. With Daredevil finally suited up and with his friends aiding him in the fight against crime in his city, we can not wait to see what challenges arrive for him next!

Let us know your thoughts on the awesome series and what your favorite episode or even specific scene was. What are you guys expecting to see in Season 2? Who do you think will be next big threat to Matt Murdock with Wilson Fisk locked away? And how do you think The Punisher will fit into the Daredevil's world? Leave them in the comments below! We'd love to hear what you have to say!


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