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For years now, the common craze has been the zombie apocalypse. Debates have raged over the Internet about everything related to zombies. Could the zom-pocalypse happen? What's the best survival strategy to defend against them? Would you last longer than your friends, or would you give your life to protect them?

All of these questions were pushed to their limit when the incredible HBO series Game of Thrones introduced the White Walkers. Not only are they pale-skinned, blue-eyed, undead warriors, they are very near invincible. Unless you just so happen to have a blade made from dragonglass or Valyrian steel, you might just be out of luck.

An army of White Walkers.
An army of White Walkers.

Imagine, if you will, an inter-dimensional portal that opens north of the Wall. The portal links the cold wastes beyond the wall and, let's say Los Angeles, California. A cold breeze passes through the portal and sends a dark chill through the heat of the California shore. One-by-one, the White Walkers start to funnel through the new portal, wreaking havoc throughout LA.

The police department attempts to retaliate, firing bullets at the walkers, but the bullets bounce off without leaving even a single mark. Unfortunately, the White Walker's swords work all too well against the police officers, and before long the officers add to the ranks of the undead.

The government meets to decide the fate of the city. They want to avoid nuclear detonation if at all possible, but they can't afford to let the frozen plague spread any further. Luckily, they call upon the talents of a few talented individuals who have a good chance of holding the new threat at bay.


Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

If Valyrian steel and dragonglass can finish off the white walkers, adamantium might be able to do the trick. Even if it can't kill them, he could cut off their limbs and heads so that they could burn them later. Either way, Wolverine is very handy in a fight, and I'm sure his adamantium claws could pose a threat to the ranks of the undead.

Not to mention that Wolverine has a healing factor that allows him to recover from almost any injury. He has taken bullets to the head and has managed to walk away fine afterwards. If he manages to get stabbed or sliced during battle, all he has to do is wait a moment for it to heal before diving back into the thick of battle. No walker would be able to defeat him in battle, so he could slaughter the hostile armies unopposed.

But even as unstoppable as Wolverine is, he is only one man (excuse me, one mutant). With his battle prowess and his healing factor, he could lay waste to dozens of White Walkers, but there are many more than mere dozens. To save Los Angeles, and the world itself, we are going to need numbers. We need an army to fight an army. And I have the perfect army in mind.

The Jedi Order

One word, three syllables: lightsabers. Solid beams of energy that can cut through any solid substance except for cortosis, and you can bet that the White Walkers aren't made out of rare space-metal. They could butcher the walkers in droves using both their sabers and their knowledge of the Force.

Wolverine can stand next to the portal and slaughter all those the White Walkers who attempt to enter or exit the portal while the Jedi blockade every other exit or entrance to the city. Half of the Jedi can move towards the center in waves to take out any straggling walkers while the other half can move around the borders to make sure that no walkers can break on through to the outside.

The Outcome

Of course no battle on this scale is without casualties. Other than the many civilian casualties, many Jedi were among those to fall as well. Even though they were trained well and they had the power of the Force on their side, there were simply too many White Walkers and many were eventually overwhelmed.

As the Jedi fell, their skin turned pale and their eyes turned blue as they rose once again to fight alongside the enemy. The remaining Jedi had to team up with Wolverine to eliminate the new evil Jedi walkers. Every time a Jedi knight fell, it rose again as an enemy.

After a long, hard-fought battle, the Jedi and Wolverine were able to decimate the frozen forces of evil, and any White Walker left standing was forced back through the portal into the northern wastes. Before long, the mysterious portal closed, and the remaining fighters could only sit and wonder how the portal came into existence in the first place.

They gathered up the dead and burned them to ensure their demise, before the helped with the clean-up effort around Los Angeles. While many noble warriors fell in the battle for Los Angeles, the side of good was ultimately victorious, and peace was established once more.


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