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Now I know for every movie we see that is science fiction we must suspend our beliefs. I however believe that Jurassic World left three big gaps in their storyline. Let's get down to it? Alright.

Plot Hole #1

T-Rex vs Indominous Rex

This whole fight however awesome it may be makes no sense. Don't know why?

Lets get into it.

The Indominous Rex is the supreme fighting machine capturing the strength and size of the T-Rex and the brains of the velociraptors.

Now remember that the Indominous was able to communicate with the velociraptors? Because she was part them. She was also part T-Rex so why couldn't she communicate with the mighty beast?

Recall even though the raptors were attached to Owen and had received a type of training they still got rid of him and adopted the Indominous as their alpha, why did the Indominous not do this with the T-Rex?

Training Level? Chris Patt.
Training Level? Chris Patt.

Okay are you still with me, cause here we go into the next one. Come on, stay frosty.

Plot Hole #2

The Kronosaurus

Yup, this giant beast.

When I saw the movie and every scene from it involving this guy I though of three things.

1) WoW this guy is awesome

2) And they got mad that we kept orcas in tanks over at Sea World

3) (Right At the End) Why would it do that?

Okay so I did a little research. This thing is a beast but it's a smart beast. It prayed mostly on creatures that were smaller, and most importantly in the water with it. Why would it then feel the need to attack this beast?

Yeah. Dumb move. Again the director made a huge mistake. The Kronosaurus would have never helped out against the Indominous, he would have remained in the water where his kingdom was.

Plot Hole #3

The Water Fall.

Remember when the two boys were running away from Indominous because they went off track, and nearly got eaten? Always obey the rules by the way.

Don't remember? Maybe some visual aid will help.

Remember the Indominous can sense thermal heat, so when the boys jumped he could automatically sense them. Also they were in there for maximum a minute, really the predator could not wait for that long?

I suppose that's two but to make the article less lengthy I combined them. Either way they should have been dead in the water (pun intended).

So how did you like the article? Agree or disagree? How did you like Jurassic World?


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